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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

World Net Daily Explains Sex

Sex is bad.

That's pretty much all you need to know if you're going to be a good values-driven Right Wing Nut.

Fortunately, World Net Daily, one of the largest conservative "news" organizations on the Internet, is all over this "sex" thing today with a couple of helpful articles talking about how more people are having sex than ever before and that this is all the fault of one certain Democrat.

First off, we have Joseph Farah, that lovely paragon of Christian charity and love, the editor-in-chief of World Net Daily, explaining to us that Democrats who claim to be Christians are lying. Here's how he responds to a question Patricia Ireland, former president of NOW, recently asked:

She asked during a debate on the Fox News Channel: "If ... lesbian and gay rights issues were such a serious kind of value, a core value, why did Jesus never talk about them?"

Of course, the answer is that homosexuals have no special rights that distinguish what they do and who they are. They have only the same rights the rest of humanity has. The question should be more appropriately asked of people like Ireland, who pretend to be Christians, while asserting values that are contrary to the Christian faith and the Judeo-Christian tradition.

So we now have a new standard in matters of faith. If Joe says you aren't a Christian, then you damn well aren't a Christian.

God's Right Hand Man

Not surprisingly, Farah decides to use his power on more than simply Patricia.

My point is that people like Patricia Ireland, John Kerry and Hillary Clinton like to pretend they are operating under the same value system that led to Western Civilization, the same value system that resulted in the founding of America, the same value system that was taught by Jesus and the Hebrew prophets before Him.

They are not.

And then our militaristic friend goes on to say something fairly extraordinary:

It doesn't matter to them what Jesus taught. But they know it still matters to enough Americans. And if enough Americans see through their charade, then they can't win elections. And if they can't win elections, they can't impose their different morality on you.

Fortunately, Farah cares about all the things that Jesus taught.

Let's leave Holy Joe behind for a moment and move on to even more pornographic pastures. You see, World Net Daily's subscription magazine, The Whistleblower, is all about sex this month. And how sex is bad. And how in the 1950s nobody ever had sex outside of wedlock but now everybody does.

Whistleblower documents with devastating clarity exactly how America was transformed in five decades from the "Leave it to Beaver" innocence of the 1950s to today's wanton, "anything-goes" sexual anarchy:

Am I the only one who finds it funny that World Net Daily chose a television program called "Leave it to Beaver" to represent sexual purity? They might have been better off using that title as an argument against gay marriage.

First, there's the multi-billion-dollar pornography industry, which through the Internet is magically being transported into previously unreachable market territory – namely, the sanctity of millions of middle-class homes. There are 4.2 million pornographic websites – that's 12 percent of all websites in the world, totaling 372 million pornographic pages. Pornographic search engine requests total 68 million per day.

Given how many people find the Dark Window by actively searching for things like "Ann Coulter nude" or "Debbie Daniel spreads" or "Vox Day gardening in a pink thong," I've got to wonder just how innocent those sanctified middle-class homes really are.

And when it comes to passing blame for sin, you know what's coming next.

Then there is the youthful epidemic of "hooking up" – widespread, casual recreational sex, often with multiple partners. Turbo-charged by President Clinton and Monica Lewinsky's high-profile example – "if it's OK for the president, it must be OK for me" – middle and high school children are experimenting with sex in the bathroom stalls at school, behind the gym, and in the back of the school bus. More children, at earlier ages, are engaging in sexual acts than ever before.

That's right! It's all Clinton's fault! And it always will be!

Welcome to the new reality of loving Christian Wing Nut values. Just don't get on Farah's bad side or, you know, you're probably going to wind up in hell.


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