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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Where Now?

It's kind of like waking up to a four-year collective hangover, vaguely remembering that something bad happened last night, and then looking over to see Ann Coulter sleeping peacefully next to you.

WHAAAAAAA!!!! How'd she get there??? I hope I didn't...

Okay, okay, put down the baseball bat and try to think this through reasonably.

So what happens now? Obviously, many things are going to change (just as many things we hoped would change won't). The optimism and sense of purpose that has graced the left wing blogs these past few months is rapidly dissipating. Fortunately, we at the Dark Window never had either of those qualities to begin with.

Still, we have many lessons to learn and many problems to analyze before we can move on. What happened to bring us to this point? Where are we as a nation and where can we realistically go? How do we begin to bridge this vast social gap dividing our country? Only once we understand a defeat can we mitigate its effects and (hopefully) prevent its recurrence.

In the meantime, we here at the Dark Window will continue to mock those we feel deserve mocking. Rather than them going away, we kind of suspect they'll come scurrying out of the woodwork and will probably even multiply. And as long as they do, we'll be here to smack them back down.

We're not going anywhere. We won't disappear into the night. We love this country even more than we love France and if there's one thing we believe in, it's that we must dedicate ourselves to leaving it a better place. Even when this isn't easy. Especially when it isn't fun.

Take heart. This hangover isn't eternal.

Just don't mention the Ann Coulter thing to anybody...


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