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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Thank You

I would like to take a moment to offer my sincere gratitude to everybody who sent such lovely thoughts, condolences, and encouragement during the last few days. I was very touched by all the warm wishes and kind sentiments. Everything you wrote and said made things a little easier and a little less lonely.

And now for a bit of good news. After my friend Sunny's memorial celebration this evening, I'm going to be leaving town for a few days. What's the good news there, you ask? Well, the good news is that this blog will probably become funnier while I'm gone than it's ever been before.

You see, the self-proclaimed third-funniest person on the internet may (or may not) stop by to keep you entertained in my absence (Note my relative position on his list). So keep checking back if you want to howl with derisive laughter at one of the legendary humorists of Canadian descent living in central Germany our time.

Again, thank you for all the encouragement and warm thoughts. And thank you for sharing the memory and magic of my dear friend. I'll see you next week.


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