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Friday, November 05, 2004

Jesus Christ Slam Dunks The Left!

That's Jerry Falwell's take on the election anyway. He's got a new piece out entitled The Left Threw Its Best Punch ... and Failed.

Tuesday’s re-election of President George W. Bush and the election of a number of new conservative lawmakers across the nation astonished liberal newsmen, pundits and handlers who, hours earlier, had believed allegedly rigged exit polls and were confidently whispering that a new mandate was going to sweep the nation.

Kind of like those millions of people who believed allegedly moronic snake oil salesmen and confidently voted to keep things exactly as they are.

And speaking of allegations, this might be a good time to make something clear. I don't write these things because I'm anti-Christian. If you would like to know the truth, I even went to graduate seminary. Most members of my family (whom I love very much) live in red states and most of them are Christians. My dad and grandfather are even pastors.

My point in saying all this is that we at the Dark Window are not here to mock anybody's faith or to blame this election on 50 million "dumb people" out there in the dark middle of our continent. We actually find it somewhat distressing (and entirely counterproductive) that so many on the Left are doing this.

What we are saying is that (a) we have to begin to find ways to make inroads with those people who voted the way they did and (b) we also have to point out the idiocy of those who would use faith as a weapon to bludgeon their political opponents.

I know I've said this a thousand times but I'll say it again: Many of those church-going people in the middle of the country would be very well served by Left Wing ideals. We need to start sharing a positive (and clear) message with them rather than simply defining ourselves by who we aren't. This is certainly not an impossible challenge. Of course it's also not an easy one.

But back to Jerry.

So what happened? After more than 25 years since I formed the Moral Majority and began mobilizing evangelicals to participate in the political process, I actually realized the fruit of my labors nationwide as Macel and I watched the election returns into the early hours of Wednesday.

Kind of a coincidence. I recognized a genuine fruit as I read this column.

I could not hold back the tears of joy.

While Macel couldn't stop crying about the fact that her husband has man-breasts.

Dark Window Exclusive: Jerry can't hold back on the sensual dance moves during his election celebration.

Hour by hour, we observed a "slam dunk" as the Church of Jesus Christ made the difference in initiating the return of this nation to moral sanity and the Judeo-Christian ethic.

We talked about this yesterday here at the Dark Window but it bears repeating. Think about how idiotic that statement is. Jerry's telling us that by re-electing the same President and keeping the same party in control of Congress we've initiated some sort of drastic change. He also not-so-subtly implies that this "change" will cause our nation to become an idyllic Godly paradise.

The so-called political experts had forgotten to count a significant voting bloc, namely the millions of evangelical voters who went to the polls in droves to “vote Christian.”

And by "vote Christian," Jerry is talking about gays and guns. But when you think about it, why else did Christ bother to come to earth than for those two reasons?

I’m not suggesting that we elected a bunch of fire-and-brimstone evangelists to office this week, but Christians collectively determined which candidates most closely held ideals that parallel our own biblically-based moral values and we went to the polls to support those candidates.

I'm not going to suggest that one party has any monopoly on moral values. The Left certainly doesn't. But by that same token, the Right obviously doesn't either. Yet millions of people believe the Right Wing noise machine shrieking forth just that idea day after day.

Want something to do? Start figuring out ways to counteract that message.

Thousands of pastors were stirring their congregations to distinguish the issues, know the combatants and be geared up to vote.

I don't even want to mock that because by doing so I might lessen its impact. It's terrifying but let it sink in.

We have to acknowledge that millions of people out there went to church last Sunday and received Christian Coalition voter guides that showed which candidates stood where on a few very targeted Right Wing issues. That's a place where we had no voice at all.

We should all feel a sense of accomplishment and thankfulness to God for blessing our efforts. We must never forget that people of faith in this country, joined by political and fiscal conservatives, successfully withstood Hollywood, Springsteen, Affleck, Baldwin, the Dixie Chicks (now called the French Hens by some), billionaire George Soros and his ilk, all the 527s, most of the national print and broadcast media, the gays and lesbians, the abortionists, the entire liberal establishment... and about $2 billion of hate-inspired media and campaign expenditures.

The irony we're dealing with here is extreme. We've come to a point where Jerry Falwell (the guy who blamed the ACLU for 9/11) can cast his opponents as hate-inspired evil-doers with complete impunity.

The left threw its best punch and George Bush and social conservatism are alive and well. To God be all the glory!

Via Jerry and Pat, of course!

“If my people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land” (II Chronicles 7:14).

Again and again we hear this refrain. Our nation has repented and made a great change by keeping the same people in office. Unfortunately, nobody seems to be countering this asinine argument.

That verse is more powerful than any exit poll. And it will sustain us against any rising political tide that seeks to counter biblical morality, if we remain true to that verse’s unique guidelines.

The groundwork is already being laid. Jerry and friends have already begun to instruct their flocks that any political movement which questions the leadership of Mr. Bush is questioning the Bible itself. This is a fight we have to join now because the Right isn't wasting any time.

Now that we have acted, we cannot rest for long.

Let us commit to continuing Tuesday’s mandate by keeping our nation, our leaders and the peace of Jerusalem at the forefront of our prayers and efforts.

Tomorrow is now, readers. If you don't do something, nobody will.

Update: Steve M. (no known relation to me) over at No More Mister Nice Blog has a great take on the kinds of Christian values the Wing Nuts keep espousing. Go check it out.


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