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Friday, November 05, 2004

Glamour Shot Swank Shares His Wisdom

It should probably come as no surprise that our old friend Joseph Swank is out there crowing about the election and how it was a victory for God Himself. It should probably also come as no surprise that he's decided that John Kerry's loss has a great deal to do with the woman the Right loves to hate the most: Hillary.

His latest work of genius is entitled Dems Say 'Hillary For Pres'?? They Just Don't Get It!!

This morning’s NEW YORK TIMES’ Raymond Hernandez headlines his piece with "For the Moment, Mrs. Clinton Looks Like the Candidate to Beat."

Beat what? Beat the air? No doubt.

I don't even know what the hell that's supposed to mean, Joe.

If Hillary were posited, she’s another Kerry, like duh?

I'm beginning to think old Glamour Shot Swank's been spending too much time in the photo booth and not enough learning the English language.

Glamour Shot Swank

She’s a clone of Kerry and Edwards and Kennedy+put together.

Except that Swank will turn around tomorrow and say that she's not at all like them because she's so much more evil. It's amazing how these morons can say anything at all, whether it has any basis in reality, and nobody challenges them.

She’s a reminder of the Bill Clinton who did absolutely nothing for Kerry in the final days of the Dem campaign.

You know, the guy who'd just had heart surgery...

There was Diane Sawyer stroking Billy boy like a mamma patting her little boy. It was the interview of laughs and smiles and kiss-ups major. Diane asked about his heart surgery. How was he feeling now? She hoped he wasn’t pushing it with all the speeches he was delivering. And yadayadayada and more of same for a whole hour. It was enough to give stomach cramps.

Uh huh. Anybody in the media who'd show respect to a former President (especially one who'd just had heart surgery) is a fraud. These are the Christian Values Swank keeps talking about. Keep that in mind.

Yet with all that adulation, Billy boy did absolutely nothing for Kerry and Team. Do the Dems think that Billy boy standing alongside Hillary in four years is going to do anything for the Dems but damn them to oblivion?

So Kerry lost because Clinton did nothing. And Hillary will likewise lose because Clinton will do something. Glamour Shot is arguing two completely opposite points in one paragraph.

Dems needs to find a Bush clone. Surely there must be a Bush clone in their vast display. Now come now. Not all Dems are stupid. So let the Dems fish around for a Bushite to put up — one with biblical morals and principles and a lifestyle in keeping with the outlandish voting block that put GWB back in the Oval Office.

Looks like somebody found a crack pipe while wandering through the mall.

If the Dems can’t scour around for that kind of candidate, they may as well hang up their hearts on a willow tree for there’s nothing left.

If we're reduced to finding a candidate like George W. then there really is nothing left.


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