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Monday, October 25, 2004

Shopping At The Wing Nut Clearance Rack

Just when you thought we'd exhausted our seemingly limitless supply of Wing Nut fashions, we show up with yet another round of hip new Christian t-shirts from our good friends at Christian Outfitters. You may remember them from some of our previous fashion reviews. As you can tell, though, we're beginning to scrape the bottom of the barrel with this lot. But as we thrive on mediocrity here at the Dark Window, let's jump right in.

Ancient Wing Nut Maxim: "If I'm going down, you're going with me."

Just take a corporate logo and slogan and make them even lamer. Your Savior will love you for it!

Is it just me or do the believers in turning the other cheek always seem to be looking for an excuse to beat the living crap out of somebody?

"Oh, man. You should have seen the Hindu guy's flag. We kicked his ass! Praise Jesus!"

Frankly, when you wear shirts by Christian Outfitters, it's kinda hell with Jesus, too.

Thomas never would have doubted if the Lord had just done an ollie kick-flip.

Wait a minute...USA Tour II?...That means there was a USA Tour I...That means that Joseph Smith was right. That means...Extra wives for everybody!

Tune in next time for more exciting trends in Right Wing fashions.


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