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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Rush Job

We're experiencing some fairly miserable computer problems here at the Dark Window and only have intermittent internet access at the moment. Since this makes scouring the earth for the craziest Wing Nuts impossible, we'll simply present a couple of Rush's "pearls of wisdom" (that's what he calls them) from Monday's radio show. Think of it as a shorter, sweeter Dark Window experience.

"We've got some lame brain who planted trees in Kenya who wins the Nobel Peace Prize, who then comes out and says that AIDS is manufactured to wipe out black people. Meanwhile, George W. Bush has liberated 50 million people in Iraq and Afghanistan, and doesn't even qualify for the Nobel Peace Prize. It's absolutely absurd."

Yeah, how they overlooked Bush in this year's Nobel contest is beyond me.

"Anybody that doesn't know by now that oil is the fuel of the engine of freedom and democracy around the world just doesn't want to get it."

And Halliburton's just the pipeline to spread it!

"You know where poverty is in this country? Immigrants. Illegal and legal. The vast majority of poverty is among the immigrant class in this country, not the middle class of the United States."

What do immigrants and poverty have in common in Wing Nut Landia? They're both un-American and should never be seen.

"Bush is the only one who's funded stem cell research, #1. Number 2, there's no evidence whatsoever that stem cell research is going to cure anything."

Talk about wanting to have it both ways. Hmmmm...That could probably describe Rush now that I think about it...

"Nobody had better make up their mind about anything based on a poll, which is what I think the objective of certain people who engage in polling. Most people a, are not people who make up their minds on their own. They always run their decisions by somebody else before they make them, even in a restaurant. You're all looking at the menus, and somebody sitting at the table says, 'What are you going to get?"

You know what that means...John Kerry's ahead!

Thank God for oil!

Okay, so that was short but not particularly sweet. Our next story, on the other hand, is sweet indeed. Read on.


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