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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

My New Hero

I would like to introduce everybody to my new hero. This is just the kind of hare-brained stunt we have long contemplated here at the Dark Window.

EDMOND, Oklahoma (Reuters) -- An Oklahoma man desperate to save his marriage by appearing like a hero to his wife ended up in police custody on suspicion of staging a crime. He hired "burglars" and foiled their fake robbery attempt, police said on Friday.

I've actually thought about doing some variation of this to impress S.Z.. I could entice Reverend Swank or Pastor Giles over to her blog and then foil them. I'd be a hero!

Trent Spencer, 27, of Edmond, north of Oklahoma City, was charged this week with the misdemeanor crime of filing a false report, said police spokeswoman Glynda Chu.

His only real crime was that he loved too much.

According to police, Spencer, a high school teacher, paid two students $100 each to break into his house and try to make off with a stereo.

Hell, for that much money, I could probably get Mike Adams too!

The masked students tied his wife with duct tape and her husband was in the house just in time to foil the supposed crime, police said.

With my luck, my computer would act up again just as Doug Giles was about to wreak havoc.

Police said Spencer attacked the two in a choreographed fight, even hitting one with a board that he had cut to break in half. The plan was going well until his wife freed herself and called police, something Spencer did not anticipate, police said.

This man is brilliant, I'm telling you. You have no idea how many wheels this story has set in motion...


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