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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

"The Best War-time Presidential Cabinet In The History Of Our Nation"

As I said yesterday, we're having some computer problems here at the Dark Window that preclude our doing in-depth searching for the wackiest of the Wing Nuts. So instead, we're pretty much just going to mock the first Wing Nut we come across for the next few days. Today's special guest comes courtesy of The Rant. His name is Robert Lanzotti and he's written a column entitled When Ruthlessness Is Synonymous With Righteousness.

Robert starts off with a heart-warming description of the atomic bomb being dropped on Hiroshima.

In an instant, an entire city and its population of people had been destroyed. Ultimately, 200,000 men, women, and children of Hiroshima would perish. More than 100,000 were instantly incinerated or killed by the wind and another 100,000 would die later as a result of injuries and radiation. Three days later, another atomic bomb would detonate over Nagasaki, killing an additional 70,000 Japanese people. Ruthless or Righteous?

This being The Rant, you can probably guess the answer to that one already. That's right...RIGHTEOUS!

This column, of course, isn't about World War II and after describing the arguments in favor of using the atomic bomb in Japan, Robert continues by discussing the proliferation of nuclear weapons and the way Ronald Reagan defeated the nukes of the Soviet Union by spending more money. Unfortunately, other, less wholesome, countries (like Canada) got nuclear weapons and now everybody's trying to get in on the game.

We now have clear evidence that black marketing of nuclear weapon components, materials, and technological secrets have been delivered to rogue nations. For example, we are now aware that information and nuclear materiel had indeed been passed from Pakistan to Libya. North Korea exports only one commodity, weaponry, and that to rogue nations who harbor terrorists. Iran is clearly on a ‘go to hell, we’re building a bomb’ mission, and is there any doubt that radical Muslims are not ruthless enough to use nuclear weapons against Israel or America if an opportunity arises? Is it righteous to stop these dangerous initiatives? Is ruthlessness justified to prevent a catastrophic attack if intelligence determines an attack is immanent?

Well, if your name is George W. Bush, the best option is to put those problems on the back burner and go after countries without weapons of mass destruction.

Being in the midst of a presidential election is certainly an untimely event for a commander-in-chief who is leading his country in a war on terror. It is a necessary diversion, but still, an untimely one to be sure. Decisions to fight terrorism in the most effective way, for example…pursuing more ruthless offensive strategies while campaigning for reelection could very well be political suicide for President Bush.

Which is probably why our steadfast leader has decided to put off any major offensives until after the election. Next time you hear about how Bush is going to do whatever it takes to "defeat terrorism," whether it's popular or not, you may want to rememeber that.

It could likewise bring to an end to an experienced and likely the best war-time presidential cabinet in the history of our nation.

No need to worry about Iraq, folks. The best war-time cabinet in history has everything under control.

The commander-in-chief’s opponent and his party obviously abhor taking the offense to the enemy. They are the anti-war party that believes we are in the wrong war, in the wrong place, at the wrong time, a very strange notion since Iraq is the hotbed of radical Muslim terrorism. If we defeat them there, we defeat them everywhere.

That's really great logic. Spend all your resources invading a country with no weapons of mass destruction while ignoring two very dangerous nations working feverishly to develop them. No wonder people (well, Robert) are calling this the best war-time presidential cabinet ever!

I doubt if the word preemptive is even in a democrat’s dictionary. If it is, you can be sure that its meaning is presented in more sensitive manner with surrounding words like appeasement, negotiation, and coalition.

I just looked in my democrat's dictionary to see if Robert was right and found another fun word: Moron. It's also presented in a sensitive manner with surrounding words like "greatest war-time presidential cabinet in history" and "if we defeat them there, we defeat them everywhere."

Conversely, the word ruthless probably does exist in a democrat’s dictionary, but its definition: having no pity, showing no mercy nor compassion refers not to enemy combatants; rather, it defines the manner in which democrats attack republican ideologies and agendas. The truth is, if the liberal left could be as ruthless in their approach to our terrorists enemies as they are to their political opponents, we truly could be a “united” country.

Translation: John Kerry beat Bush in a debate and is such a pansy that he won't develop bunker-busting nukes.

Prosecution of our war against terrorism is a race against the inevitable. If we show resolve, backbone, and ruthlessness….we will inevitably win.

I wonder if Robert means this in the "Soviet Union showing resolve, backbone, and ruthlessness and winning in Afghanistan" kind of way. Or maybe in the "Germany showing resolve, backbone, and ruthlessness and winning in the Soviet Union" kind of way. Or maybe in the...okay, you get the picture.

If we take any other approach, we will inevitably lose.

Master of Historical Analysis
(By the way, I hate to ask...but what is Robert doing with his hands in that picture?)

Our enemies are patient and determined. Their timeline is not in terms of days and months; rather, they think in terms of decades. They are aware that our greatest vulnerability is our impatience as a people and the divisiveness that currently exists in our two party political system. Make no mistake about it, the only thing radical Muslims hate more than infidels is….determined and powerful infidels. And that’s why ruthlessness is synonymous with righteousness. That is why it is so important that our resolute war policy remain intact, and, in fact, become even more ruthless when our righteous presidential nominee wins the election and remains our commander-in-chief.

Righteousness through ruthlessness. That, ladies and gentlemen, is our Wing Nut slogan of the day.


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