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Friday, October 29, 2004

Bay Area Bloggers Throw Down

Several famed Bay Area Bloggers and Readers (and me) gathered last evening in Oakland to prove to the world that Philadelphia no longer has a monopoly on drunken blogging. We'll profile some of the fine folks who showed up over the next several days but for now I leave you with a terrifying glimpse into the high-powered world of Bay Area Political Blogging:

The idiot on the right is me (yes, I always drink my beer through a straw). I'll let the guy on the left retain his secret identity (unless he chooses to reveal it). It's obvious to all but the most liberally-biased media that the girl in the background is overwhelmed by our importance and on her way to alert the paparazzi.

Generik has the rest of the story and several more photos. Note carefully the massive number of beer glasses in certain photos. We will refrain from naming the girl responsible for drinking all of them.

Update: The guy on the left can now safely be revealed. It's John, the Bay City legend behind Blogenlust.


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