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Monday, September 20, 2004

The Wit and Wisdom of Tammy Wilhite

Our old friend Tamara Wilhite has an exciting new column that lists her best ideas for New Democratic Party Buttons. They're almost as fun as the Christian t-shirts so let's have a look. As is customary here, her words are in red (kind of like Christ's).

Lie about Sex. Lie about Bush. Hey, everybody does it!

Even Republicans!

Our Hillary is duff, too!

Uh...Our Tammy is Bruce?

Clinton. Get’s a lick, keeps on tricking.

Tammy. Get's an apostrophe, liable to stick it anywhere.

You’re working to hard! Come work for us!

I'm thinking that one doesn't apply to her editor.

No government too small.

Tammy, honey, you seem to be a little confused on this one.

Hi, my special interest group is __________

Let's look at Tammy's photo and see if we can figure it out:

Hi, my ethnic/religious/sexual/fringe group is ________

See photo above. I'll bet there are lots of ways she could fill in that blank.

I’m proud of my ethnic/religious/sexual/fringe group.

Tammy seems to be running out of ideas.

We’d rather have Rather, to beat on the Bush.

That one's almost poetic.

Hurricane Ivan! All Bush’s fault!

Mainly because he refuses to take responsibility for anything else. Well, except for the Iraqi soccer team.

Pets are people too. They deserve the right to vote.

Just ask Rick Santorum!

Be sure to tune in next time for another edition of Tammy Talk.


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