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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

"Time To Just Say It!"

That's the title of JB Williams' latest column at American Daily, one of America's premier sources for news and commentary.

Politicians have successfully divided 290 million individuals into a handful of nice neat little voting blocks easy to pander to. The liberal media (who is rarely fair or balanced about anything), has brain soaked the country into thinking “fair & balanced” reporting is of more value than just plain “truthful” reporting.

Whoa, there. I think JB's saying that Fox News is soaking people's brains into believing untruths. Believe it or not, I agree!

Occasionally, circumstances demand that we set aside congeniality and get right down to calling things by their rightful name. This seems like one of those occasions.

Uh huh. I'll bet those occasions are real rarities chez JB, too.

I’m not sure there has ever been more at stake than in this election, but atop the list is the impending extinction of truth.

Well, at least we finally have a Wing Nut concerned about the extinction of something!

Political correctness can sometimes serve the worth while purpose of setting an amenable tone for public discourse. But in case you hadn’t noticed, the current tone in America is anything but amenable. So political correctness has lost its luster, and it is no longer of any viable use.

Do you think JB really believes that political correctness used to have luster?

What I’m about to tell you is not something you don’t already know. It’s just stuff you have forgotten because nobody has been allowed to say it around here for a long time.

Whenever a Wing Nut writes a sentence like that, you know what's coming next is going to be good.

At one time, liberal was not a dirty word. But many of today’s liberals are better described by the term socialist, and though they seem to not care much for this term, it is no less appropriate.

Ah, yes, the old "liberals used to be honorable but now they're socialist traitors" meme. I wonder how JB would react if Democrats tried to bring back the WPA.

Here’s another term liberals bristle at, anti-American. This is also the correct term for the behavior I have been witnessing for some years, and that permeates the liberal movement today.

And if JB says it, you know it's truth.

I realize these terms seem harsh in a day when we are not supposed to call things by their rightful name. But sometimes, when we call evil by a more pleasant name, we overlook the fact that it is still evil.

Just like when we call a moron by a more pleasant name, we overlook the fact that he is still a moron.

Today’s liberals, today’s Democratic Party leadership, and the handful of billionaires supporting them, are in fact socialists and they are in fact anti-American.

Just in case you think that's an outrageous statement, JB backs it up with plenty of evidence.

America is the richest nation on earth as a direct result of our economic design. America not only produces more millionaires than any country in earth’s history, but everyone fortunate enough to call themselves American, enjoys a lifestyle second to none in the world.

So if you are anti-Capitalism, you are anti-American, because nothing is more American than good old fashion capitalism.

I thought nothing was more American than baseball and apple pie. Why does the revisionist JB hate America?

95% of Americans consider themselves to be spiritual, believing in a higher power, a greater good, a life beyond this life, and since the beginning of time, this bedrock belief has served our nation well.

It has since the beginning of time, eh? Next thing you know, JB's going to say our nation is 6,000 years old.

Further, America is predominantly a Christian nation, and because it is, even those who are non-believers enjoy blessings most in the world can’t imagine. Because our nation was built on the foundation of Judeo Christian values, we are all free to worship as we see fit, including not at all.

So if you are anti-religion, you are in fact anti-American. You must realize that there is a difference between being a non-believer, and being an antagonist, a difference between not subscribing to the belief, and belittling others who believe, or who freely express their belief.

Wouldn't this make anti-Americans of all those on the Right who belittle the beliefs of the evil secular humanists or socially liberal Christians?

So far this column has taught us that Fox News, JB, Pat Robertson, and Jerry Falwell are anti-American. I wonder who else fits that bill...

Thousands gave their lives, their futures, so that we might have the chance to live and grow in this, the greatest nation on earth. They gave everything, so that we might have something worth fighting for. No matter how high minded your intentions, if you are willing to trade this to be a small piece of any one world order, you are in fact un-American.

You want allies? You think this earth comprises more than America? Then you're un-American. Pretty much as simple as that.

There is no getting around the truth. The truth doesn’t have a side, it doesn’t belong to any particular political Party, it’s not subject to the eye of the beholder, or negotiable, it just is.

I can think of several truths that "just are" after reading this column.

Many liberals are not just liberal today, they are socialists, and they are un-American for all the reasons I stated and more. The DNC needs new leadership and they will continue to lose power until they get it.

The simple truth is, that’s how it should be!

Thanks, JB! You are a true piece of work.


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