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Monday, September 13, 2004

Picking Some New Fights

It's time for some overdue introductions here at the Dark Window and I'd like to direct your attention to the newest additions to our blogroll.

(1) In order to prove that there's more to Austin than hilarious captions and funny slogans, I'm adding the very cool Mouse Words to the list. Amanda, Ms. Mouse herself, shares my love of punk rock and chicks who leak blue fluid.

(2) Next up we have the Liberal Oasis. A lesser man than I might be too bitter to add it to his blogroll - especially if the only time he had been mentioned there had been under the name "Sadly, No." Okay, maybe that lesser man wouldn't be bitter because "Sadly, No" is actually the name of his website but it's not the name of mine and I...uh, sorry, got a little carried away, I guess. Anyway, all righteous indignation aside, the Liberal Oasis is a damn good website and an excellent source of up-to-the-minute information and analysis so make sure you check it out.

(3) Next, we have the blogosphere's latest foray into reality programming with a delightful blog called Corrente. This crazy experiment has six attractive young adults being forced to live together in one small blog and follows their madcap antics and ruminations about the modern political scene. You have all the standard reality series players, too: the country yokel (the farmer), the 24-hour party person (Xan), the jock (Lambert), the quiet scary guy (Tom), the not-so-ambiguously gay one (Tresy), and the hot chick (Leah). You can follow all their crazy adventures here.

(4) For our final addition, I'm selling out and linking to one of those giant blogs you always read about in places like the Wall Street Journal or Modern Underwear. I speak, of course, of the sinister TBogg. But when he's not trying to intimidate my readers in order to maintain his unaccountably large market share, he's actually pretty funny. And in spite of his brief entries (a true sign of intellectual laziness), he shares my love of Christian TV mogul Paul Crouch. So if nothing else, maybe you could stop by and antagonize him from time to time.

In addition to welcoming all these new blogs (and in spite of pathetic comments from marginally-famous writers claiming that we don't post frequently enough), we here at the Dark Window have been working on several crazy new schemes, including a future guest-blogging appearance by legendary World Net Daily columnist Vox Day. Trust me...You're not going to want to miss that one. We'll also be announcing some major new changes to the Dark Window very soon so don't go far.

Now please go say hi to all our new friends. And TBogg, too.


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