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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Pastor Joe And The Wrath Of God

Our old friend Joseph Swank has a couple of new columns out and they're both real barn-burners. The first one is entitled "Kerry And Team: Do You Want The Nation To Slide Into Hell's Pocket?"

Elect a national leadership that desecrates the sacred while endorsing outright evil and you will watch a nation slide into hell’s deep caverns.

Give Pastor Swank ten bucks and a directory to his local shopping mall and you will watch him slide right into the nearest Glamour Shots:

Joseph Grant Swank, lookin' good!

After a quick stop at Cinnabon, Joe tells us how awful the wrath of God is and says "serious students" would never want to experience it.

Yet if John F. Kerry and Company get into the executive suites, this nation will be governed by those championing outright sin. Under Bill Clinton’s rule, it was more personal sin than national acceptance of sin. Clinton trespassed against the eternal laws and paid the price. If his sins go unrepented, he will close out his earthly sojourn in hell’s canyons.

He's moving to LA?

But to elect Kerry is to elect an individual who has informed the country ahead of time that he has no spiritual respect for the Blessed Sacrament. He has no holy sensitivity regarding the divine revelation set forth in Scripture. His wife appears to be in his same league.

Wait, Joe...The last time Kerry mentioned "sensitivity," the Wing Nuts shrieked for days. Make up your mind already! How about I buy you an Orange Julius? I think it might calm you down a little.

Those of like ilk will move into every power play throughout the country. They will dance in the streets in celebration of evil sitting in positions of authority locally, statewide and nationally. They will lord it over everyone adhering to a biblical ethic. They will slide the country into maximum immorality — a cascading that will be utterly unrighteous.

I can't even mock that. It's one of the greatest, weirdest, most surreal paragraphs I've ever read.

Anyway, that column just didn't satisfy, evidently, and Swank was back the very next day with yet another similarly-themed piece. This one is called "Kerry Crucifies Christ Afresh, Being Capable Of Any Evil."

How can US Senator John F. Kerry feel the sacramental wafer touch his tongue, knowing that by receiving that sacred element, he is crucifying Christ afresh? The same must be stated regarding his wife.

Look, Joe, I don't really want to know about Teresa and what she's doing with John's tongue. I mean I like Kerry and all but that's just kind of gross, you know?

Moving away from John's tongue, Swank goes on to discuss Kerry's "reprobate soul" and then offers this gem:

Considering this hardness of heart, can there then be any deed too evil for John F. Kerry to champion if elected to the chief office of the land? Kerry would stoop to any low to see through his own opportunistic evils. That is not far fetched when realizing that for months the world has witnessed his total disregard for the Christ sacrifice upon the dreaded tree. Anyone who can so slay the Savior repeatedly can rationalize any sin as being proper.

Repeatedly slaying the Savior? Sounds more like Mel Gibson than John Kerry.

No wonder the Scriptures speak of an age when right is called wrong and wrong is defined as right. That is surely the description of the American scene in too many places. But for that to be the milieu approved by the president should cause the sincere believer to quake in horror.

As should this column.

God help us!

Especially if Holy Joe keeps publishing these rants!


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