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Monday, September 20, 2004

No Title Could Do Justice To These

I'm not even sure what to say about our newest addition to the blogroll. His name is Retardo, he's a big Paul Harvey fan, and he seems to have been repeatedly dropped on his head as a child.

In case you missed his latest masterpiece, it stars Sorrell Brooke (of Boss Hogg fame) as me and seems to be some sort of sit-com. It also has the audience applauding and laughing at Retardo himself.

Like that would ever happen in real life.

But he does manage to get a few things right from time to time - especially when he refers to our friend Seb as gnomic. Now if only he'd direct his Wilhite-like wit to Frederick, we could all be happy.

In vaguely related news, Frederick has an excellent piece about who's really behind "Rathergate". It's not as funny as Elementropy (thank heavens) but should be required reading.

Check 'em out.

Update: Retardo's perma-links don't seem to work (surprise surprise), so make sure you scroll down to his entry entitled I'll Sue Your Ass, Bitch!


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