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Friday, September 24, 2004

No, It's OUR Hurricane!

Ah, well, it was just a matter of time before the Wing Nuts finally got around to shrieking about all these hurricanes.

First off we have Rush Limbaugh saying hurricanes aren't increasing in frequency:

"Hurricanes have been around in greater numbers than we've seen today before we even started doing what they [liberals] say we're doing that causes global warming."

And then here's Hal Lindsey who says that hurricanes actually are increasing in frequency:

An onslaught of deadly hurricanes that have battered the southern United States support theories that such storms are occurring more frequently.

He goes on to say:

Meanwhile, up and down the Atlantic seaboard, forecasters continue to worry about running out of letters in the alphabet before we run out of hurricanes this year.

And what's the significance of that?

Jesus predicted these kind of signs would begin to occur just before His return

Aha. So one Wing Nut says the number of hurricanes has been decreasing (so we can feel better about polluting) while another says it's been increasing (so Jesus can return to earth). How is one to make sense of this seeming contradiction by two of conservatism's brightest lights?

Well, fortunately there's also Matt Grills over at the Rant, who gets right to the heart of the matter. It doesn't matter if they're increasing or decreasing in frequency. What matters is that God may be using them to target liberals and sinners.

As Hurricane Ivan continues to display its destructive power, I’m reminded of the unpleasant and often ignored reality of God’s wrath.

At the risk of sounding like Jerry Falwell or Pat Robertson, who appear to have high-speed DSL connecting them to God’s gray matter, I do believe that the Almighty occasionally employs natural disasters and other tragedies in an effort to communicate his discontent with nations and the people inhabiting them.

Matt's about to demonstrate how his connection to the Almighty is more akin to dial-up.

Like most Americans, I did a double take when I heard that Ivan, before its course change, threatened to drown New Orleans in 12 to 18 feet of water. But considering that Mardi Gras is basically a crotch grab in the Almighty’s general direction, isn’t it naive to think the city’s not a magnet for some kind of trouble?

Speaking of crotch grabs, I'm thinking Matt might very much enjoy this link.

Now on to a more serious note: Pissed Off Patricia, one of the very cool bloggers over at Blondesense, is currently in the process of having to re-evacuate her home (already badly damaged by previous storms) because of the threat of Hurricane Jeanne. I don't think Liz and the crew at Blondesense have a tip jar, unfortunately, but at least drop by and wish Patricia well.


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