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Monday, September 27, 2004


Well, we here at the Dark Window were gone all weekend and haven't had a chance to write our usual low-quality blog entry for today. In its stead, we invite you once again to visit two very cool blogs that we've only just added to our blogroll: Femme Fatal and The Infinite Stitch. Both blogs are fantastic and deserve your full attention.

In addition to those, we are very pleased to introduce a brand-new blog by famed Dark Window commenter Delagar. Delagar is a professor of English in Arkansas (feel free to make any of the obvious jokes here) and has started a blog that looks to be interesting, incisive, witty, and informative. In other words, all those things that Sadly, No! isn't.

Please go visit these and the other fine blogs listed to your right and we'll be back here tomorrow with our usual caustic delight.


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