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Monday, September 06, 2004

Elementropy, My Dear Sebly

The Dark Window's new best friend, a certain Retardo, has written what may very well be our favorite blog entry of all-time. Not only are Seb and Amber Pawlik gleefully maligned, but we (okay, I) are finally captured in all our glory.

I'd been wondering about the identity of the rakishly handsome fellow with the copy of Pale Fire in his hand who dropped by while I was guest-blogging over at Seb's. Turns out he was the guy who wrote this:

Throughout the summer, I occasionally walked, as it were, across the street, like the good neighbour that I am, to knock on his door, offer some poisoned delicious fruitcake, and engage in witty repartee with his illustriousness as well as his vivacious girlfriend, with an aim of a torrid menage a' trois further enlightening myself, politically.

To no avail. Each time I rang, a shifty-eyed tweaker would peer through the blinds, and if I persisted in ringing, would eventually answer the door, only to gruffly send me on my way.

At last I had had enough of this ill treatment, and the next time I was in such a circumstance, demanded of this rude person the truth about my friend.

I said to him, "Do you mean, sir, that you have no knowledge of a Mr. Sebly F. No, who, I assure you, lived in this very house?"

And at last, perhaps jarred to attention by my persistence (he had seemed terribly distracted on all occasions), he seemed to focus, and replied, "Uhh wait, was he a great big fat person?"

Go and read.


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