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Friday, September 10, 2004

"Clinton A Big Loser Without Ross Perot"

That's what Gordon Bishop is saying in his latest column. Never let it be said that the Wing Nuts aren't timely. But as long as you ignore the fact that he's about eight years behind everybody else, Gordon starts it off with something of a bang:

America never would have heard of Bill Clinton without billionaire Ross Perot running for the Presidency as an Independent in 1992 and 1996.

Well, as long as you overlook that fact that he was, you know, the Democratic nominee for President of the United States.

And America never would have heard of Ross Perot if it were not for CNN liberal talk show host Larry King. It was King who begged Perot to run for President several time on his then popular show.

Because before he went on Larry's show, Ross Perot was a shy, wilting flower who shunned any attempt at publicity.

King has since been replaced as the “King of TV Talk” by Fox News Channel superstar Bill O’Reilly. The Fox News Channel now represents the “real” folks of America – not CNN or the other liberal TV channels: ABC, CBS, NBC and their cable affiliates.

Wow. If Fox News represents the "real" America then perhaps I really am un-American!

America is no longer a Constitutional Republic governed by the people, for the people and of the people.

Is Gordon calling George W. Bush a dictator?

Just look at the way Clinton was elected.

By the laws and Constitution of the United States? Sounds pretty evil to me.

Clinton did not get the majority of votes in 1992 and 1996. Yet he still beat the senior George Bush in 1992 with a weak “minority” victory of 42.9 percent of the vote.

Gordon seems to be saying that Clinton was illegitimate because he had less than an absolute majority. Or maybe because a third party candidate siphoned off votes from the other guy.

Do you think he's ever heard of George W. Bush?

All this talk of Clinton's legitimacy is especially funny in light of one of Seb's most recent blog entries. Gordon seems to be really far behind in his Wing Nuttisms.

Same with Clinton Vs. Bob Dole. Perot pulled enough votes away from Dole for Clinton to win by barely 49 percent – less than half of the voting electorate.

Maybe I'm just dumber than a Wing Nut here but even without Ross Perot in the equation, it looks to me as if Clinton still would have gotten more votes than Bob Dole in 1996.

Perhaps it would be helpful if we added them up to see for ourselves.

Bill Clinton won the election with 47,402,357 popular votes - that's 49.24% of votes cast.

Bob Dole got 39,198,755 popular votes - 40.71%.

Ross Perot came in third with 8,085,402 popular votes - that's 8.40%.

Now I'm going to do a crazy thing here. I'm going to add up Bob Dole's popular votes and Ross Perot's popular votes to find out what the heck Gordon's talking about. Let's see here...5 goes into 2...carry the one...okay, got it. If you add all the votes Dole got with all the votes Perot got, you come up with 47,284,157 votes. Now glance up there and see how many votes Clinton got.


So when you think about it, Gordon, Larry King actually saved our country in 1996. Because at least some of those people who voted for Ross Perot (even if a relatively small percentage) would certainly have voted Democratic. Therefore, if Perot hadn't run, it is most probable that the evil Klinton would have gotten his absolute majority (and dreaded mandate).

For eight years, Clinton occupied the White House (turning it into a Whore House), with less than a majority vote.

We can only hope America has come to its senses and won't do the same with Bush. I think that's what Gordon's saying, anyway.

Clinton trashed the Democrat Party and rode to a hollow victory on President Ronald Reagan’s successful economic engine, which created the strongest economy of the 20th Century.

Without Reagan, there would be no “Clinton economy.” Reagan appointed Alan Greenspan as the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, and Clinton kept Greenspan to continue the Reagan economic legacy throughout the ‘90s.

Therefore any good thing that happened during Clinton's Presidency is directly attributable to Reagan (via Alan Greenspan) but anything bad is still, well, Clinton's fault.

Historically, Clinton will be known as the “false President” who wrecked the Democrat party with the wretched “scorched earth policy” of his wacky campaign manager, James Carville. “Scorched earth” meant the absolute destruction of the Republican Party.

I kind of like that...the "false President."

It didn’t work. Republican congressman and political genius Newt Gingrich took control of the House of Representatives with his “Contract With America.”

Today, thanks to Newt, the Republicans controlled Congress – and the White House.

But what about all those times Newt went on Larry King Live?

As for Clinton-Carville-Perot? – what a bunch of corrupt losers!

It's no wonder Gordon has his own column. That's some damn good analysis.

That’s what happened in the 1990s with the Clinton gang. But Americans won’t ever see these facts and analysis in the New York Times and the liberal mainstream media because they endorsed the Clinton presidency.

It's more likely that we won't see these "facts and analysis" in the New York Times because they aren't true.

The corrupt liberal-socialist-Marxist-Communists took over the Democrat Party under Clinton-Gore and now represented by Senator John Kerry, the man who calls himself both the “war hero” of Vietnam and the “war hero” of the “hero” of the anti-Vietnam War movement, a delusional liar loved by the terrorists and communists. Yes, they want to see Kerry as the next President of the United States.

You know, I'm pretty sure John Kerry has never called himself the "war hero" of the "hero" of the anti-Vietnam War movement. But then I get my news from treasonous sources like the New York Times so what do I know?

Kerry should run for President in France, Germany, Russia (the old Soviet Union) and other European socialist nations, where his socialist philosophy is welcomed.

Likewise, Gordon should write his columns on Mars where his ideas will be better understood.

America is a Constitutional Republic (“Rule of Law”).

Wait...Didn't Gordon just say America is no longer a Constitutional Republic? (He did. I just checked.) Flip-flop, flip-flop, flip-flop!

Democrats have destroyed the word “Democracy,” which is actually anarchy. The Democrat party’s “Democracy” leads to anarchy, which is “mob rule.”

So if they've destroyed the word "Democracy," which is actually anarchy, then they've actually created a stable government, which is really "mob rule." Hmmm. Gordon must be a lot smarter than I am because trying to understand his reasoning is giving me a headache.

The reason Bush is leading Kerry in double-digit numbers (51 to 53 percent compared to Kerry at 41-42 percent approval) is because of those who support Kerry – the socialist-communist anarchists led by psychotic filmmaker Michael Moore, a psychopathic group that hates America and everything that is American, including faith, religion and God.

Faith, religion, and God, eh? Wow...Democrats really are evil!

Kerry ought to pack up his gang of misfits and move to a socialist or communist country that is bent on destroying America, the land of liberty, freedom and opportunity.

Perhaps Gordon should start an advice column. It'd be a shame to let wisdom like that go to waste.

Congress and the President should kick the UN out of America and let its socialist-communist allies find a new location in France, Germany or Russia, al of which stole some $67 billion from the Iraq “Oil-to-Food” program establshed for Iraq’s starving masses.

Once the real Americans see what’s going on with the Democrat party, Kerry and the United Nations, then the USA can resurrect our great Constitutional Republic, free of the anarchistic cancer attacking our once functional society.

God Bless America!

You know, if this is God's idea of a good column, then I'm going to confess that I'm glad to be an agnostic.


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