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Monday, September 13, 2004

Barack Obama: Dangerous Liar And Menace To Society

So says Hans Zeiger, one of America's brightest young lights. He has cleverly entitled his new column Does Alan hold the Keyes to Illinois?

If ever there was a political contest with the necessity of a bold projection of reality, this is it. If the citizens of Illinois are given the chance to see the real Alan Keyes, and the real Barack Obama, this will be the second most important political race of 2004.

So if they aren't given that chance, then it won't matter, right?

Only the presidential race will more consequential to the future direction of America.

The third most important political race already happened, of course, and Hans unfortunately lost.

The reality about Barack Obama is not that he is the dream-bound, honest visionary. Nor is he the fair-minded moderate the media tagged him as after his keynote speech at the Democratic National Convention. He's not a Bill Cosby or a Colin Powell.

After reading that last sentence, I can think of a lot of things Hans Zeiger isn't, too.

The real Barack Obama is a socialist, and he has spent his entire political career at war against the foundations of American ordered liberty. Obama's record in the Illinois state Senate is consistent; my accusation in the previous sentence is backed by absolute and incontrovertible evidence.

Unfortunately, Hans is too busy to tell us what that "incontrovertible evidence" is. I'm guessing it mainly consists of the fact that Alan Keyes called him one.

While Obama is anti-war and anti-Second Amendment, radical environmental groups and left-wing social issues groups give him perfect voting-record scores.

So what does all this caring about our planet and poor people tell Hans?

Barack Obama is one of the most dangerous men in America.

If you see this man, dear readers, make sure you hide your children.

And so Illinois's Senate race is national this year. It is national in terms of the issues, the candidates, and the consequences.

It is national because the Republicans couldn't find a single candidate in the entire state of Illinois to run.

Pundits preface Keyes' name with "carpetbagger" at every chance they get, but his presence in the race is important for liberty-loving people from coast to coast, not just in the Land of Lincoln. That's in part because the Democrats have built Barack Obama into their national spokesman, and Obama must be countered with another man of national renown and the ability to counter his deceptive rhetoric.

Uh...Ric Flair?

That man being Keyes, we have one of the greater contests of our age in the works. Until Keyes opposed Obama, it was suggested that Obama was the most eloquent man in America. But Keyes makes Obama second place in that distinction.

The candidates are also both known for an excellent natural sense of rhythm and for being really good at basketball. Check back next time when Hans will explore these and other fine points.


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