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Thursday, September 30, 2004

The 15 Most Deadly Lies

That's the subject of a new book being hawked over at World Net Daily. It's called Myths, Lies, & Half-Truths: How Misreading the Bible Neutralizes Christians and is, as you might expect from WND, all about militant Christianity and the embrace of politics.

In Gary DeMar's newest book, "Myths, Lies, & Half-Truths" readers will explore in detail the 15 most deadly lies accepted by far too many Christians and Christian leaders.

Why does this happen? Because we misread the Bible in many ways.

Fortunately, Gary's here to instruct us how to read it correctly.

The rest of the WND piece lists those 15 deadly lies that are neutralizing Christians. Following are a couple of my favorites.

Jesus didn't get mixed up in politics

Recently unearthed texts indicate that Jesus was, in fact, planning to run for the State Senate in Galilee (as a Republican, of course) just before his untimely demise.

You can't impose your morality on other people

If Gary can't have fun in this life, then he's damn sure gonna be certain that you can't either!

There's a separation between church and state

He's got a point here. All the greatest governments throughout history have been built upon religious fundamentalism.

We're living in the last days

Ooooh...Hal Lindsey's not going to like that one.

Christians should just 'preach the gospel'

Real Christians understand that the true meaning of the Great Commission was to go forth and redistrict Texas.

Politics is dirty

In fact, politics is the gentle art, a realm of truth, honesty, and fairness for all.

Religion and politics do not mix

True. What purpose could God possibly serve aside from political prop?

Our citizenship is in heaven

Is Gary admitting that his isn't?

God's kingdom is not of this world.

Better start laying up those treasures on earth, Christians.

These and many more objections are studied, evaluated, and answered in this succinctly written new book. Understanding what God's Word says about these often-recited but rarely examined challenges to Christian activism will determine the future of Christianity in America and around the world.

When you realize how many of those "lies" were about spiritual understanding, care for the poor and downtrodden, metaphysical mysteries, and personal growth and change, that's a pretty telling statement of the type of Christianity WND is trying to spread.

This being the case, it just may be the most important book you will ever read.

Wow. Considering that most WND readers would probably claim to have read the Bible, that's quite a recommendation!


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