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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Wing Nut Fashion You Won't See At The RNC

In honor of the Republican Convention, we're going to take a look at some of the very latest in Wing Nut fashion. Of course given the moderate face the Republicans are putting on for the world this week, you probably won't see these fine shirts on any of the delegates but rest assured that the most stylish Wing Nuts back in the provinces will be wearing them proudly.

Our friends at Christian Outfitters have just come out with their new fall line and are currently showcasing the hot new designs shown below. As a tribute to all those conservative members of the Republican Party who were asked to stay home this week, the Dark Window would like to offer the following ultra-mod t-shirts:

I just have to get out of this paper bag somehow first. A little help, please?

Know Jesus and get a metal toy jammed into your forehead.

One of the reasons Jesus' little-known plumbing business folded and he went into carpentry.

Wear this shirt to show the world that you're just as smart as your lord.

Because with the high price of all these crappy t-shirts, I can't afford Him anymore on my regular salary.

Finally...A shirt for Mary Kay Letourneau!

Tonight on Fox: Jesus steals a white pickup truck and leads the LAPD on an action-packed high-speed chase. After crashing into a parked car in North Hollywood, he flees on foot before finally being apprehended. Due to extensive bleeping and blurring, parental discretion is advised.

And finally, the folks at Christian Outfitters are pleased to offer an exciting new item...a clock! In their words, "Unique 12" X 12" wall clocks from Christian Outfitters are perfect for any decor." I think this photo will attest to that:

1 Cross. 3 Nails. 4 Given. 2 Ridiculous for words.

God bless America.


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