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Thursday, August 05, 2004

"The Very Scary Mrs. Kerry"

The Wing Nuts are out in force tonight. First Lucom and now this. Meet Bruce Walker, a "dyed in the wool conservative" since the 6th Grade and the brilliant author of The Very Scary Mrs. Kerry.

Bruce begins this tour-de-force by talking about how John and Teresa are evil for being rich.

The problem is that the two people who will be president, Ms. Heinz-Kerry and her husband, have no connection without the realities of work, thrift, sacrifice or saving. They both fell into beds - of passion and of gold. Have we ever had the wife of a major party presidential candidate who was so...creepy?

Have we ever had the writer of a column who was so...pathetic? Well, okay, maybe. But Bruce comes pretty close.

Many conservatives will say Hillary, but that is unfair to Hillary. She fought for her Senate seat and won it, like it or not, fair and square. She may be shrill, screechy and silly, but she also married a man who would turn any normal wife into a very unhappy person. Bill, after all, is simply a louse.

You know Bruce is going for broke when he forces himself to say there's a woman out there creepier than Hillary.

There is a spooky parallel with Ms. Heinz-Kerry and the wife of another Democrat nominee for president - Kitty Dukakis. Remember Kitty? Her husband, like Kerry, was a potent political figure in Massachusetts. During the campaign, Kitty got a fairly free ride from the media. After Dukakis lost, however, we all learned about the person who would be half a mattress away from the President each day.

And just what is this spooky parallel?

When her husband announced his candidacy for the Democrat nomination, Kitty decided to reveal that she was addicted to drugs. What Kitty failed to mention, and what did not come out until after the election, was that she was addicted to both drug and alcohol - she was an alcoholic drug abuser.

Bruce has decided to reveal to the world that he is an idiot. What he fails to mention, and what won't come out until you finish his article, is that he's also dishonest - he is a dishonest idiot.

In the last few years, we have learned that her cure for an addiction to amphetamines and alcohol has left her suffering from severe depression, which may last for months at a time. What was her treatment? Periodic electro-shock therapy (which works and which should not, per se, be an issue.)

Then somebody better strap Bruce up because I think it's time for another jolt!

What is the issue? Kitty Dukakis is “kooky” Kitty Dukakis. She is loony. She is three bricks shy a full load. Her mental diseases, most emphatically, do not make Kitty Dukakis a bad person or a dumb person, but a nutcase. The core of her psychological pathologies seem to be that during her childhood her parents never showed her the slightest affection.

Here's another issue. Bruce Walker is "bastard" Bruce Walker. Those things he said about kooky Kitty not only apply to him but, in his case, also make him "a bad person" and "a dumb person."

But it is downright dangerous to woman who sleeps beside the man who can begin a nuclear war as patently unstable as Kitty Dukakis.

Not as dangerous as reading these columns, I'm thinking.

Bruce goes on to say that our recent Presidential wives (well, other than Hillary) have all been pretty good. Which is what makes the evil alco-druggie Teresa so dangerous.

The Kitty Dukakis clone, however, is quite a different matter. Loose canon does not begin to fully embrace the problems of having her as First Lady - and she would be much more than First Lady: the billions are in her name.

Yes, having money is more dangerous than all the booze, coke, and electro-shock therapy in the world.

Perhaps this would not matter if Ms. Heinz-Kerry was content to play a quiet role like Lady Bird or Pat Nixon. She is, however, patently concerned with ideological jihads, particularly the poorer nations - she is an immigrant citizen herself - and their fantastic imaged grievances. The prospect of a clever, cynical Hillary next to Bill was bad, but not awful: she wanted power. What we see in John Kerry’s second wife is someone who could be best described as Teresa Heinz-Dukakis, a woman who suffers from serious mental illness and needs to be as far away from power as possible.

Ideological jihads, fantastic "imaged" grievances, serious mental illness, far away from power...Skip the damn doctors, somebody just grab a cattle prod. This guy needs a recharge!


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