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Thursday, August 19, 2004

Teresa Heinz Kerry: Imperious Bitch

That's the word from another fine GOP USA column - this one by the lovely-spirited Jan Ireland.

Teresa Heinz Kerry married astronomical wealth, and less than a decade ago John Kerry married her.

They are now trying to buy the presidency of the United States.

Say, I thought the Wing Nuts were making a big deal about how Teresa wouldn't give John any of her money. Never let it be said that they can't see both sides of an argument.

When thwarted at a campaign rally by the simple presence of Bush supporters who want the President reelected, Teresa incited the return chant of "Four more years of hell!" It was the same occasion at which Hubby John accused George Bush of sending the "Republican goon squad."

Da-amn! Teresa really is an imperious bitch! If somebody ever said "four more years of hell" to me I'd punch her in the face.

Teresa's body language toward John Kerry often suggests that she does not like him. She eschews kisses, contact, even publicly criticizes him.

If there's one thing Jan can read, it's the human body.

Jan Ireland, FBI (Female Body Inspector)

He did not criticize her, even after hearing of her "Shove it!" to a reporter pressing for a journalistic clarification.

Curse Teresa's Frenchman husband for not criticizing her! Everybody knows that the sign of a truly godly man is public criticism of his wife.

First Lady Laura Bush was at a Citicorp building recently for an event. Teresa was to make a simultaneous appearance, until staffers realized she would have to interact with "real people" in an "unstaged event."

Thank God our President would never do that!

Though John Kerry is supposed to have wanted the presidency since childhood, I think it is Teresa who wants it far more. As foreign-born, she has no hope of running, though the mutterings recently of a constitutional amendment to allow that might have been for her (rather than Arnold Schwarzenegger or Jennifer Granholm.)

Who cares if all the evidence points to a contrary conclusion? Jan reads body language!

A case could be made that John Kerry was one of Teresa's imperious demands of the moment that she thought would win the presidency for her. A similar case could suggest that Teresa Heinz was exactly that for John Kerry when he married her.

Only they know.

It is possible that Jan has sex with sheep. Only she knows.

In America we expect that individual hard work will result in financial success, and that holders of great wealth will responsibly administer their largesse. When riches come through windfall or ploy, expectations can derail.

When one writes for the GOP USA, expectations tend to derail as well. And we're talking serious train wreck.


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