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Sunday, August 22, 2004

Our Very First Award...STOLEN

We at the Dark Window were overwhelmed with joy and gratitude when it was announced that we had won the very prestigious and highly sought-after McManama Award over the weekend.

Some guy named Pete runs a hilarious website called the dark window where he picks apart the arguments of right-wingnuts. His site is certainly the best of the genre, even though Sadly, No! (aparently run by some guy named Seb) is pretty good as well.

So imagine our surprise and disappointment when just hours later we read this at Andrew McManama's website:

Please Don't Hurt Me!!

Alarmed by such a frightening headline and scared for our new friend Andrew, we quickly read on.

I clearly made a mistake a couple of days ago, as the kind people of Sadly, No! pointed out.

Sounds like somebody had a little conversation with Andrew. I wonder who in the world it could possibly be.

But back to our bullied friend.

Dark Window isn't the funniest blog, it's TBogg but I plead ignorance! I hadn't ever been to it before they informed me.

There you have it, dear readers. Seb and that sinister lingerie-obsessed guy over at TBogg have teamed up to threaten anybody who claims to be a fan of the Dark Window. Are the two "tough guys" trying to compensate for a humiliating deficiency elsewhere? We'd hate to speculate (but we certainly encourage you to do so).

Unlike other delicate flowers in the blogging world, we promise never to threaten people who enjoy reading other websites. Well, unless they're reading Jesus' General. But that's just because we're jealous of how funny it is.

In the meantime, if you're easily intimidated, we won't hold it against you if you choose to visit a blog whose idea of original humor amounts to little more than quoting old Seinfeld episodes. That's just the kind of nice people we are here.

We'd like to close by offering a special thanks to Andrew for his far too kind words and short-lived award. We'll always cherish the three hours during which it belonged to us.


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