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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

The LUCOM PLAN: Stopping Terrorists And Rabble-Rousers Since 33 A.D.

Everybody's favorite Wing Nut is back and he's got a new plan! Okay, it's actually the same plan he trots out every couple of months while demanding credit from every major world governing body. But it's a fun plan and (amazingly) this is the first time Lucom's mentioned it since the Dark Window first opened a couple of months ago.

Terrorism can be ended if the United Nations finally does its duty to bring world peace.

And that "duty" can only involve the brilliance of one man. Wilson C. Lucom.

Kofi A. Annan, secretary-general of the United Nations, must on his own, sua sponte, prepare, submit and have approved the Lucom Plan to End Terrorism. If he does not, the U.S. will have to use the plan, supported by nations that agree with it.

I don't know if I've ever seen anybody use Kofi's middle initial before. But I think the really amazing thing is that so many of us continue, sua sponte, to read Lucom's columns.

Here is the proposed Lucom Plan to End Terrorism (subject to modification):

That "subject to modification" means he'll change it a little and write another column about it next month. Here are a couple of his latest ideas:

1. All terrorists are declared criminals, subject to arrest on sight for the act of being terrorists. Due process, of course, must be observed.

Hmmmm...Something sounds fishy here...The "act" of "being." Well, anyway, as long as it's "on sight" I think we'll be okay. Too bad Annie Jacobson didn't have the Lucom Plan on her Terroristic Flight of Doom.

3. A $250,000 reward is payable by the State Department for information leading to the arrest and conviction of individual terrorists, in accordance with its reward program, to assist in preventing acts of national and international terrorism and other related criminal acts. A $1 billion reward is posted for the capture of Osama bin Laden.

That really big reward is the hallmark of the Lucom plan. It has graced every iteration I've read so far.

4. Any nation willfully and deliberately violating this United Nations resolution will be fined $5 billion for each violation. The U.N. or U.S. armed forces will enter the non-cooperating country to eliminate the terrorists and any terrorist training camps. Nuclear weapons can be used if considered necessary to save the lives of U.N. or U.S. troops, as President Truman used nuclear weapons in Japan. (This point expressly subject to modification.)

You know, on the off chance that people might actually object to having their country nuked.

It is a fact that the terrorists are physically located in more than one country.

Sometimes it's really hard to argue with the guy.

These countries officially declare they are against terrorism while unofficially giving sanctuary to terrorists and supporting terrorism so the terrorist criminals can continue to try to attack the United States and kill you.

Part of the beauty of Lucom's columns is how personal they all are. It's always YOU that will die.

The U.N. and U.S. must go on the offensive against terrorist criminals as outlined in the Lucom Plan to End Terrorism. Only then will terrorism end; otherwise, you will live in fear of terrorism the rest of your lives, because your government is not stopping it. You do not have to live in fear if you go on the offensive against terrorism. [Emphasis Lucom's]

You've got to admit that Lucom's got big dreams. Seriously. I mean how many people think the only chance humanity has to live without fear is to follow a plan they made up?

Delusions of grandeur or the words of a truly powerful man? Interestingly, this is a more complex question than one might suspect. It's easy to joke about Lucom's writing and dismiss his ideas but, as Bartholomew and others have pointed out here in the past, Lucom has demonstrated some powerful connections, including his tenure as President of the World Anti-Communist League. So while it's fun to laugh at Lucom's columns, we probably shouldn't forget that he apparently has some teeth.

President Bush and both Democratic and Republican senators and representatives must admit that as long as countries give sanctuary and support terrorists, terrorists will keep trying to kill Americans. When Bush and Congress finally realize this fact, they will demand that the United Nations, by resolution, install the Lucom Plan to End Terrorism or a modified effective version of it. Then and only then will terrorism be fought effectively.

Yes, Lucom, it's amazing that nobody on either side of the aisle has ever considered that other nations might be harboring terrorists.

Now is the time for President Bush and Congress to go to Secretary-General Kofi Annan and demand that he put into operation the Lucom Plan to End Terrorism. Write to your representative and senator asking them to insist that President Bush contact Secretary-General Annan and insist that he prepare a resolution incorporating the Lucom Plan to End Terrorism. Annan must make sure it is passed by the U.N.

Dear Barbaras Lee and Boxer and Diane Feinstein,

Please insist that President Bush insist that Kofi A. Annan pass the Lucom Resolution. I don't want to live in fear a moment longer.




Well, I did my part. And Seb's. (No need to thank me, man.)

If Annan refuses to prepare such a plan to fight terrorism, then the U.S. and Britain must end all support to the U.N. because it will have failed in is primary duty. The United States, supported by other nations that agree (but not France and Germany), will then have to put the Lucom Plan to End Terrorism into operation.

Yes, that's key. Make sure France and Germany don't have anything to do with this.

Only then will terrorism be wiped out.

Right. So that's where we stand today. But let's now take a walk back through time and explore the LUCOM PLAN through the ages. Here we are on September 15th of last year:

President Bush has an irrevocable duty to protect America's treasure, its young soldiers, from being killed or injured. To do so, he should try the nonviolent LUCOM PLAN. With this plan, no American soldiers would be killed or injured. The beauty of the LUCOM PLAN, its strongest point, is it would not cost the taxpayers a penny unless Hussein and bin Laden are caught.

I guess that's before he'd added the bit about nuking people who don't comply. In this same column, we also learn this disheartening news:

This LUCOM PLAN was sent to Bush three years ago and he has refused to acknowledge it.

But don't think Lucom's gonna take it lying down.

If President Bush does not try the new-thinking LUCOM PLAN to save American soldiers from being killed, then he should be severely censured, possibly impeached, for not even caring to try to save the lives of American soldiers.

Okay, powerful or not, I'm starting to lean toward 'delusions of grandeur.' But let's go back a bit further. Here's Lucom just a month earlier (August 13th).

Meanwhile, Bush should use the LUCOM PLAN, which was sent to him three years ago but not acknowledged by him. Bush finally is now using LUCOM PLAN principles, which led to finding Saddam Hussein's sons Uday and Qusay: offering a large reward.

I think Lucom's still mad that the high priests didn't give him credit when they offered Judas a large reward.

Of course this willful disregard for American lives had been addressed by Lucom even a month before that! Here he is on July 30th, laying into those who would ignore him.

Dear Senator:

Do you care enough for your voters and their children to try to save them from being killed in war? So far, neither you nor your office has appeared to care, but I write again before going to the newspapers in your state to tell them that you do not care to try to save them or their children from being killed in a war.

I enclose an article I have written for NewsMax.com on this subject, with which I trust you will agree.

Please reply.


Wilson C. Lucom

I think I've just found a template for my next e-mail to Lucom...

But back to the question of Lucom's actual influence and power, I found the following passage from an even earlier column about the Lucom Plan, this one dated April 3rd.

It gives us an example of Lucom's plan "in use" way back in the 1960s and is especially interesting in light of Bartholomew's comments about Lucom's South American connections (if you're interested in those, please read the comments to this entry). Anyway, this final passage gives a good bright window onto Lucom's ideas about the world and may even help us determine just how influential he really is.

In the mid-1960s, the U.S. government, the CIA and the Bolivian government were anxious to capture communist guerrilla Che Guevara, who was holed up in the Bolivian mountains with other guerrillas.

During a lunch I had with the Bolivian ambassador to Washington, he recounted the trouble his government was having in capturing this monster.

I told him it was easy to capture Guevara.

He was surprised and curious. I told him: "Just offer a reward."

The ambassador told me he liked the idea so much he would telegraph it back to his government. After all, it costs nothing if it doesn't work.

A $100,000 reward was offered and some 2,000 leads flooded in. The world knows Che's fate.


Wilson C. Lucom: You don't really want to be on his bad side.


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