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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Inside The Counter Clinton Library

Over at Sadly, No!, we've been discussing the quite surreal Counter Clinton Library and its amazing qualities. So far we've learned about its founders, its mission, and its fascinating cast of characters. Now we're going to go inside the library itself and take a look around. Don't worry...Tickets are on me.

Here's a virtual close-up of the library's interior:

Pretty nice, huh? They're planning 16 rooms of truth-telling excitement and each room will have a particular theme. To give you an idea, a couple of sample rooms include the "Travel Gate Scandal" room, the "USS Roosevelt Looting" room, the "Law License Surrender, Fines" room, and the "Buddhist Monks" room. There will also be a very special room dedicated to timelines and dioramas (hooray for dioramas!):

This area will feature a timeline of the Clinton presidency anchored by dioramas at each end. The first diorama will recreate the scene on Election Night 1992, as frenzied but naïve crowds cheer Clinton's victory. After viewing the timeline, visitors will see another diorama showing Clinton pointing his finger and uttering the infamous words "I did not have sex with that woman . . .." The juxtaposition of these dioramas will emphasize how Clinton betrayed his own supporters and squandered his presidency through his own immoral behavior.

Boy, all this Republican fun is making me want to spend some of my hard-earned cash. Let's head on over to the Gift Shop, shall we?

Here we have a fine "Lady's Denim Shirt":

Doesn't it just scream classy? The Wing Nuts certainly haven't lost their sense of fashion. But maybe they should have ironed it before taking the picture, you know?

And speaking of Wing Nut fashion, here's the ever-popular unisex bathrobe with CCL logo:

There's also a tab in the Gift Shop for Jewelry (both "Men's" and "Lady's"). The items are still coming soon so you're just going to have to use your imagination. I'm sure the CCL nipple ring will be very popular, though.

Anyway, this library business all seems like a pretty great idea but let's hear from some of the common Wing Nuts themselves to make sure it meets with their approval. Here's a sampling of the visitor e-mails received so far by the CCL:

"Children, let us not love in words or speech only but in truth and action", 1 John 3:18. Thank you for your courage to bring the truth to the light and keep it there. May God be with you... Sincerely, Gloria J. Louisville, Colorado

Frankly, I don't even want to imagine Gloria's love in action.

This is THE BEST IDEA I've ever heard! Pure brilliance! Clinton deserves everything he gets and nothing less! Keep going on this awesome idea and don't let ANYONE stop you. Good luck! Allison C.

That's the BEST one ever, huh Allison? You must be a regular idea machine, sweetie!

This has got to be the most beautiful piece of news I have read all year!!! I have bumped the CCL to the *top* of my list for annual donations! Are you going to be selling bricks? If so, I want my name on several!!! And, please hurry and open up the gift shop!!!! Woooo-hoooooo!!! "Oh happy day!" Kim G.

Don't worry, Kim. I think you've already amply demonstrated the existence of a brick named Kim G. We can only hope there aren't more.

I don't have any money to send to you but thank you for taking on this project. The justice dept and others in authority have turned a blind eye to the damage Bill and Hillary have done to our country and private citizens. He and Hillary should both be spending the rest of their lives in prison because of Whitewater, coverups and lies about Bill's sexual crimes against women and a volume of other crimes instead of being free to spread hate and disruption in our wonderful country. I applaud you. Bill is deplorable. He is the first former president to vocally talk bad about a current president. Thank you for your patriotic efforts. Bill should not be allowed to use federal money to build himself a "library of lies" and not have someone stand up and tell the truth about him. Having Hillary in the U. S. Senate is a disgrace. I want to throw up every time I see her. B. W. Torrance, CA

To be honest, that one scares me. Mainly because its self-satirizing qualities render anything I could say superfluous.

And let's end with the testimonial the CCL itself closes with. It's a quote from an op-ed piece by Paul Greenberg of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette:

These two Weltanschauungs are coming at each other like gravity and anti-gravity, matter and anit-matter, centripetal and centrifugal force, Dale Bumpers and Ken Starr. Ho boy.

For if there's truly a way to sum up this entire project it can only be: "Ken Starr. Ho boy."


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