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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

A Brilliant Plan To Escape The Sodomites

Not long after the Dark Window first opened back in May we brought you the story of a very special Wing Nut group called Christian Exodus. They're the ones that wanted to take over an entire state and form their own godly government, mainly because homosexuals were taking over the towns and cities in which they were trying to live. Back then the plan was still pretty hazy and even the group's President, when asked what the state's new laws would be, replied, "Independence first, details later."

Well, our friends at Christian Exodus are back in the news and this time their story is being told by an organization far more respected than other than World Net Daily. Yes, Fox News is currently running a piece entitled A Free (and Christian) South Carolina?.

Nearly 140 years after the Civil War, another group of Americans wants to secede from the union.

Christian Exodus, a California-based group, wants God to be its commander in chief. Decrying what it perceives as the unjust secularization of the United States, it wants a sovereign state of its own.

But rather than eye the Golden State — a "lost cause," says the group's founder — it'll settle for South Carolina.

I'm sure the good people of South Carolina will be pleased about that on several levels. Here's the plan:

Phase One of the group's "plan of action" in breaking down the wall between church and state is to enlist groups of 1,000 members to move into 12 designated House districts in South Carolina, with the goal of voting 12 "Christian sovereigntists" into the state government by 2008.

Subsequent similar phases will then go into effect. If by 2016 group leaders have not achieved the kind of government they want, Christian Exodus will throw down the gauntlet and seek independence.

Right. Subsequent similar phases. So just who are these godly visionaries?

The group comprises "mainstream evangelical Christians" who oppose abortion under all circumstances, want prayer in schools and hope to live far from "sodomites."

Living "far from sodomites" appears to be the main motivating factor for group members. How do I know this? Well, let's take a trip over to the Christian Exodus website. If you're an actual sodomite, I would encourage you not to get too close.

The first thing we are greeted with is this scary headline in large, bold print:


Directly beneath that is the following photo:

Well, those girls do seem pretty scary and evil. You're then asked to click on the photo of the Satan Girls to see another representation of the problem.

Yes, dear readers, happiness and smiling will definitely be frowned upon in the new land of Christiania. But lest you think the problem only involves happy homosexuals, Christian Exodus goes on to list a few other evils as well.

- Abortion continues against the wishes of many States
- Sodomite marriage is now legal in Massachusetts (and coming soon to a neighborhood near you)
- Children who pray in public schools are subject to prosecution
- Our schools continue to teach the discredited theory of Darwinian evolution
- The Bible is still not welcome in schools except under unconstitutional FEDERAL guidelines
- The 10 Commandments remain banned from public display
- Sodomy is now legal AND celebrated as "diversity" rather than condemned as perversion
- Preaching Christianity will soon be outlawed as "hate speech"

And there's also this helpful warning:

Attempts at reform have proven futile. Future elections will not stop the above atrocities, but rather will exacerbate them and lead us down an even more deadly path.

That's right. Today it's only the homos that are happy. If we vote tomorrow, we may very well find ourselves confronted with atrocities like happy biologists or even happy Muslims. And if the thought of happy Muslims doesn't make you want to puke then you're probably a treasonous liberal sissy.

To see what kind of progress Christian Exodus has been making during the past 3 months, I decided to read the inaugural "President's Column". Unfortunately, things appear not to be running entirely smoothly.

The second topic I must discuss is the existence of opposition to ChristianExodus.org. It should come as no surprise that in a nation of 280 million people, many of whom hate Christianity, we will come up against folks who disagree with us.

It's that damn diversity!

Well, some hate Christians so much they are even willing to commit fraud. Recently our discussion boards have come under attack by imposters claiming to be my wife and/or me. These lunatics then say the most revolting and vile things in the hopes of confusing our faithful readers and damaging our efforts. So please remember these two simple facts and scrutinize any posts or e-mails claiming to be authored by my wife or myself.

Remember, fellow patriots...In the future, you are only to read the vile things written by this guy because everybody else appearing to be a lunatic will be faking it:

President Cory Burnell

And besides, his wife knows her role and doesn't post.

1. My wife does not participate online with CE in any way, shape or form. Therefore, NO posts claiming to be from her are authentic.

Dang. I'd kind of hoped for a photo. Fortunately, the news is not all bad.

I am happy to report that we continue to experience success, as Christians from around the country join our ranks and express support for our strategy. It now requires the most earnest dedication from our members to promote ChristianExodus.org to friends and family, and to stay the course. We have a tremendous battle in front of us for the next 10 years, so perseverance and persistence on our part is an absolute necessity. If we will stay the course, we will witness the most amazing events in the history of our nation. We are truly blazing a new trail that will end with the successful re-establishment of constitutionally limited government founded upon Christian principles. Government in America will once again glorify the Creator.

Their trail seems to be blazing alright. I'll give them that. Be sure to check back with the Dark Window in ten years for the exciting conclusion to our story. In the meantime, feel free to post your own vile lunacy at the Christian Exodus site.


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