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Monday, July 26, 2004

Vox Day Bitch Slaps Bill O'Reilly

Vox has a fun new column over at World Net Daily in which he smacks down Bill O'Reilly. I'm guessing he wrote the piece because he's mad about Bill's boycott of France but please go read it yourself so you can draw your own conclusions. It's really quite enjoyable and leads me to lament the fact that Vox chooses not to use his powers for good.

Here's one of the parts I particularly enjoyed:

The cowardly "Factor" should change the name of his show. As "Fear Factor" is taken, "The Fraud Factor" would appear to be apropos.

In related news, I've learned some fascinating new personal information about Mr. Day. Many people have expressed curiosity about his wife (if you don't know the story, he got her through a Christian libertarian mail-order service) and I'd like to announce that I've finally managed to track her down.

Update: Just in case anybody missed his column, Vox decided to add a couple of swift kicks to Bill's groin over at his blog. If you like good poetry, I'm pretty sure you'll still love this.


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