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Monday, July 26, 2004

USA Boys Turn Female-Like?

Well, that's the headline over at Bush Country. Joseph Grant Swank has a new column about how the UN is trying to turn our boys into sissified little girls. Or something.

Well, really it’s not only the USA but the whole wide world. You see, according to Janice Shaw Crouse of Concerned Women of America’s site, the UN females’ get-together decided that men should be more like women — globally.

Sounds like that must have been some get-together.

Now that’s not a new hit for news making. The fems have been pushing that as part of their flaky agenda for a few years now. However, for it to surface one more time is for the sane populace to whack it down one more time.

And I'm pretty sure Joe is just the fellow to do the whacking.

But for starters: the United Nations’ Commission on the Status of Women put their lenses on what men and boys are up to these days. According to Crouse, “the focus was on the role of men and boys in achieving gender equality. The bottom line was clearly stated: We must nurture boys into developing more feminine characteristics -- gentleness, compassion and tenderness, among others -- and train them away from the more typically male aggressive and competitive behaviors.”

Now when I read that, I did not find fault with Crouse for she herself goes on to find fault with the UN Commission. But as for my own brain cells, I began to feel hot in the head.

Oh, Joseph...You're such a girl! Maybe you'd better sit down before you start to swoon. I'll see if I can get Dr. Sears to bring you a glass of water. Well, after he kicks your ass for being such a pu...er, such a girl.

I don’t recall lately too many women I’ve come across at the local grocery store who are big time into gentleness, compassion and tenderness. That is particularly true if they are under 40. Now I’m 65. So when I see a female within ten years of my age — in either direction, I figure that I’ve got a chance at coming across some gentleness, compassion and tenderness.

Awww, yeah. Now we're talking. Why don't you give papa Joe a little bit of that tenderness, honey?

The other day I was walking toward the post office front door. I noted a woman in stride with me.

In other words, he was staring at her legs.

Who would open the door? That was the unuttered question in both of our heads. I could see from peripheral vision that she was close to my age. Therefore, I lifted the door latch, opened the door widely and smiled at the lady.

Joe's beginning to scare me. He sounds like the creepy 65-year-old man who lives in his mom's basement and leers at women in the grocery store. I wouldn't be surprised if he hangs out in the melon section and fondles the fruit.

She actually turned out to be just that — a lady.

Evidently, Joe had been expecting a drag queen. Kind of sheds new light on his big smile.

She smiled in return. She thanked me. She added to that thank you a good morning greeting. I responded in like kind. We then both went on our ways with a pleasantness about life that could have been otherwise if we had pulled into our hard shells for protecting our own ego turf.

Yeah, that's MY post office door, you stupid bitch!

It’s that that makes the difference. When I come upon those younger females, I surely take my chances. It’s going to be an interesting ratio come the end of my life when looking back to figure out the percentages. How many younger women were gentle, compassionate and tender toward me when I showed them courtesies? A low percentage. Today, the high percentage is brash, hard faced, chin propped in the air, brow lifted above the world scene, and a mouth that would not divulge a smile if a ten dollar bill were offered.

Sounds like somebody's angling for a lap dance! And curse these young women today who won't give 'em on demand! When Joe offers you a ten, he has a right to expect a smile (and your tongue in his ear).

It’s of course worse in some work places. Walking into the grocery store or post office is one thing. But having to work with the female bullfighters is something deadly.

Thank God we don't live in Spain or fight bulls. I hear they appease terrorists there, too.

Therefore, when the gals meet at the UN to ask for the men and boys to conform more to the women of the planet I get quite scared. Do those gals actually want the cultured, mannerly men of the continents to rise up as the fem barbarians have militarized themselves — all the while calling it feminine tenderness?

Wait, is Joseph saying that boys should become more gentle and compassionate or that they shouldn't? He seems to be saying both. I guess we could say that Joe likes to go both ways.

Somewhere along the way the UN gals have become their own cultural lag. But then again, considering the contingent we are referring to, nothing unreasonable will result as the surprise factor.

Well, that's the end of Joe's article. I don't claim to understand it. But based on Joe's success with the ladies, I did learn one thing. Next time I see a hot chick at the supermarket, I'm going to make sure I've got some tens ready!


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