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Thursday, July 22, 2004

Some Long-Overdue Introductions

I've finally updated the list of blogs I regularly read and would like to draw your attention to the newest additions.

First off (and of special note to the White Buffalo) is an excellent and highly informative website called Nothing New Under The Sun. It's run by the delightful Bellatrys.

Second, I want to give a formal introduction to fellow Oaktown blogger Scaramouche. Not only does he have a great name, but he also has a great blog. And since he's from Oakland, you know he's cool.

And finally, I call your attention to somebody who's already a fairly familiar face here at the Dark Window. He has many identities but this, I think, is my favorite. You may not agree with much of what he writes but he's always entertaining and I'm happy to consider him a friend. Especially since he's a tacit supporter of the UN (via Arsenal, of course). I present to you The Undercover Frenchman.

So please go say hello.


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