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Thursday, July 08, 2004

Rush Reminds Us That The Right Never Hated Clinton

The OxyMan is back and he's got an important reminder for all us us...The Right never hated Bill Clinton!

We need that clarification, because there was no hatred of Clinton. At most it was frustration, and the frustration was really aimed at the American people: How could the American people give this guy a pass?

I've long held that the name "Hitlery" was simply a term of endearment.

And the fact that the Democrats didn't care how he was soiling their party and reputation was a mystery to us. But I'm telling you what, this level of hatred -- I mean we didn't do books. We didn't publish books to great literary acclaim on how to assassinate Bill Clinton like they're doing now. We didn't come out with some of these steamy documentaries and movies. I mean, our fringe did but the mainstream of our movement ignored them.

If by "we didn't do books" Rush means "we did a nonstop cavalcade of books" then he's correct. Perhaps Rush has forgotten the endless Wing Nut books and films discussing Clinton Body Counts (World Net Daily is still hawking a book about how Ron Brown was murdered by the Clintons) and sinister conspiracy theories. There was also the little matter of Vince Foster. I'm quite curious who Rush means by "our fringe."

There's been nothing like this in my lifetime in terms of undisguised, undiluted, pure hatred aimed at a party leader or president. There was never this kind of hatred and vitriol with Clinton. It was policy oriented, and it was aimed at a lot of, as I say, frustration with the American people for not seeming to care about it.

Policy oriented? Since when did "policy" mean "sex?"

One of the reasons we think this was the case was the economy was doing so well, people didn't want to mess things up.

Kind of an interesting admission.

Could be any number of reasons, too. Maybe everybody in America is having affairs and didn't think BJs in the Oval Office is a big deal. You never know. Viagra, you know, big back then, sex-crazed country, a lot of people wishing they were Clinton. Who knows? The point is, there wasn't all of this personal animosity and rage that today defines and animates the Democratic Party and its kook fringe which has become its mainstream.

I don't know what I find more disturbing - the fact that Rush is saying this with a straight face or that his loyal "dittoheads" believe it.

Anyway, Rush demonstrates this focus on policy and lack of personal animosity in another segment of the same radio broadcast.

"Keep your eye on the Clintons," and there aren't going to be any fingerprints. I mean, when they take Kerry and Edwards out, it's not going to look like they did it. But I'm telling you, the Clinton phasers -- just as of yesterday -- have been switched from stun to kill. That's what this whole story means this whole story sets up a so-called competition between Edwards and Hillary Rodham Rodham? Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Yeah. Ha.

"Competition" (laughs) my shrinking rear end. There's not going to be any competition because there's not going to be any Edwards around to be competed with. Keep a sharp eye on those Clinton phasers.

I'm beginning to wonder if Rush's obsession with Bill's "phaser" might not have had something to do with the whole Marta thing...

Update: Seb has a somewhat related piece about Wing Nuts and the Clintons. And I know this is probably highly unethical but I must quote from one of the commenters there because he seems to sum it all up perfectly:

To defeat the Clinton evil, we have to find a Democratic candidate who will choose a running mate who is neither a friend nor a non-friend of Clinton, who will neither win nor lose the election, and who will neither remain in office nor lose office. It's sort of like the folktale motif where the villain somehow wins a promise from the gods that he cannot be killed by a man or by a woman, either in daytime or nighttime, inside or outside his home, so they have to find a hermaphrodite to do it at twilight on the porch entrance. - Jeffrey Kramer


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