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Friday, July 09, 2004

Pray And Be Rich!

Alison made an interesting comment the other day about how much of modern American Christianity seems to be a pyramid scheme. I immediately decided to go to NewsMax to learn the truth behind the matter. The first thing I came across was a wealth-building kit by Richard Gaylord Briley called Pray and Be Rich.

Does God Want YOU To Be a Success?

I'm kind of starting to think no.

The new audio program – Pray and Be Rich – is about one person — YOU — and the success plans that God has for all who believe, pray and act on the message of the Bible.

That really seems to encapsulate Jesus' teachings, Gaylord. The Bible is all about...YOU! Well, you and money.

It astonishes many that Jesus spoke more about wise use of our possessions (our wealth) than any other subject. Riches are extensions of whatever we make of ourselves. Wealth is extra power to use for good or evil.

Kind of like spidey sense.

All babies are born poor. But as you’ll find out in Pray and Be Rich, five percent of them, in free societies, grow up to be richer than the rest.

I'm not sure I'm buying the "all babies are born poor" bit. Mainly because it's not true.

Pray and Be Rich reveals the Biblical secrets that will enable you to become a member of the five percent of people who rise to the top and succeed.

Because God wants you to be on top of that pyramid!

In frequent prayer, visualize yourself as a success, enjoying the substance of things hoped for and reaping the rewards of your work. Do NOT, as many mistakenly do, picture yourself doing the work itself. Focus on the end, not the process. See the result, not the routine, or you may discourage yourself by making the effort seem tiresome.

There's not all that much substance in what I hope for. But I guess what that means is while I'm praying I'm supposed to visualize naked chicks. You know, maybe I could get into this...

Pray and Be Rich is based on years of Dr. Briley’s research and life experiences. Within the Bible he discovered a pattern of distinctive principles about success – found in the Bible and nowhere else.

Uh huh.

Dr. Briley reveals that the whole notion of success in our day is tainted. People wrongly link success with excess and convince themselves success is bad. So, many good people shy from success. Yet at one time, Americans freely pursued personal success (requesting God’s help first), and triggered the prosperity that made our nation what it is.

Right. They requested God's help and then gave disease-infected blankets to the Indians so they could have the land. We thank Thee, O Lord, for giving us disease and blankets. Would that more men today were willing to hand out such blankets for Your glory.

In Pray and Be Rich you’ll learn that God’s purpose in fostering our success is to create rapid abundance TODAY to help us survive possible hard times TOMORROW.

Oooh. Rapid abundance. I like the sound of that. I'm imagining those gameshow booths where you get to grab a whole bunch of money being blown around by a fan.

The Pray and Be Rich program requires a tiny investment of your money and time, but may change your life forever – and help you become the success God intended!

Aha. The old "first you have to make a tiny investment" bit.

Start on your road to success and wealth today by ordering your copy of Pray and Be Rich.


List Price: $49.95
NewsMax Price: $14.95

Wow! Talk about a discount!

Special Offer: By ordering this product today I will get four months FREE to NewsMax Magazine – that's a $20 value based on our cover price. At the end of your third month of the magazine, we'll send you a renewal notice. If you like the magazine, do nothing and we'll automatically renew your subscription at the discounted annual subscription price of $42.95, and each year thereafter. There is NO RISK. You can cancel at any time.

And there's why!

Pyramid scheme? You decide. I'm off to do some praying!

Richard Gaylord Briley


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