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Friday, July 02, 2004

Oxy Man!

Perhaps Marta's departure has been taking a heavier toll than we'd imagined because somebody sure seems to have lost it on Thursday. Here's how he started his show:

RUSH: Folks, it doesn't get any better than this. (Laughing and laughing.) You know something that's (laughing)? I'm sorry. Oh, try to maintain my composure. The Democrats have found their keynote speaker for their convention: Saddam Hussein. (Laughing.)

Usually Rush's words are at least coherent enough to mock. But these are like something straight out of a Sam Fuller movie. I'm thinking Shock Corridor.

"The real criminal is Bush." Give him a talk show! (Laughing.) Put him on "Dead Air America." (Laughing.) Wait till you hear (Laughing). I'm sorry. Folks, (Laughing.) I have been trying not to laugh all morning as I watch this media orgy. It is just incredible.

Meds! We need meds!

(Laughing.) Didn't want you people to miss this show. (Laughing.) I mean, when you look at Saddam Hussein -- I hope some of you have had a chance to see the video this morning of his 30-minute court appearance. If you haven't yet seen it you'll see it sometime today or tonight, and when you look at Saddam Hussein, I'll tell you what I thought: "We killed his sons. (Laughing.) We took his country. We found him in a rat hole. We put him in jail -- and still he is calmer and more rational than Howard Dean was after he lost Iowa! (Laughing.) He's calmer and more rational than Al Gore after he lost his mind, and he's calmer and more rational than the rest of the mainstream Democrats and the kook lib fringe out there."

Somehow I just have this image in my head of Rush going home after his radio show, entering a big stainless steel room, and shrieking and shrieking until the big Swedish nurse comes in with his shots.

It makes you wonder who hates Bush more, Saddam or the Democrats. It's just delectable to watch this, and I'm wondering now. (Sniff) Ah, here we go. I start laughing and I get sniffles. You know what? Rather than -- folks, I'm going to hit the cough button here and there will be a little dead air while I take -- a little dead air never hurt anybody. The only thing it might screw up is small station automation systems, and it won't be long. Hang on just a sec. [Pause] Okay. That's a record. It always happens. I start laughing uncontrollably and I end up with the sniffles.

Sniffles, eh? I'm guessing those interludes of dead air are only going to get longer and more frequent...


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