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Saturday, July 03, 2004

A Momentous Day

Seb No, the inimitable evil doctor, is celebrating his one-year blogging anniversary and the Dark Window would like to offer its warmest congratulations. The festivities began Friday morning when Seb wrote this fairly pathetic self-tribute and then pretty much died out altogether.

Seb is one of two people who inspired me to start my own blog (the other being, of course, the lovely S.Z.). But unlike S.Z., Seb made me realize that even a trained monkey with a laptop could be a smashing success, which is why I felt uniquely qualified.

I think it's no coincidence that David Frum chose today of all days to tell the world that he, too, reads Sadly, No!. His hostile letter to our good friend the Sultan pretty much sum up everything Seb's done in the past year. In addition to making a lot of people mad, Seb has insulted more Wing Nuts than I knew existed, ignored more facts than both of us together ever learned, made a lot of half-assed assumptions, cracked far too many bad jokes and, in the process, won the hearts and minds of a whole generation of mean-spirited liberals.

In a demonstration of unrestrained greed and capitalistic fervor, Seb mentions that he will be putting up an Amazon Wish List on his website. The Dark Window strongly encourages all of you to go buy him something. Not only should it keep him occupied for a while but it will also ameliorate my own sense of guilt for not buying him anything myself.

Okay. That was just a joke. I won't feel guilty at all about not buying him anything.

So go say hi to Seb, check out his excellent blog, learn a lot of new things, and laugh yourselves silly. If you're not reading Sadly, No! every day, you should be. There's definitely nothing else that compares.


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