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Monday, July 19, 2004

Lucom: We'd All Be Dead If John Kerry Were President

Our old friend Wilson C. Lucom is back with an exciting new column entitled John Kerry’s Deadly Foreign Policy. It's not as goofy as some of his work but, well, it's still Lucom!

You could be dead right now from additional terrorist attacks if President Bush had followed the dangerous policy of Sen. John Kerry and continued delaying the fight against terrorism.

Really grabs you right from the start, doesn't he?

Kerry wants the United States to work through the United Nations and a coalition of nations that would include France and Germany. It should be understood by all Americans that such a coalition would not have time to succeed before terrorists regrouped and attacked again. By attacking Iraq’s Saddam Hussein, the “grandfather of all terrorists,” the president protected American citizens.

Well, not exactly. Maybe we'd better let John Kerry himself tell us what he'd do.

"Am I prepared as president to go get them before they get us if we locate them and have the sufficient intelligence? You bet I am."

And then he said this:

"I will never allow any other country to veto what we need to do and I will never allow any other institution to veto what we need to do to protect our nation."

But since Lucom's more fun if you ignore things like facts, let's continue.

According to Riadh Abdallah, a lieutenant general in Saddam's Republican Guard, "SADDAM HUSSEIN IS THE FATHER OR GRANDFATHER OF ALL TERRORISTS" (“The Connection: How al Qaeda's Collaboration with Saddam Hussein Has Endangered America,” by Stephen F. Hays, p. 93). He definitely knew.

Hey, I like that. From now on I'll be referring to Lucom as the FATHER OR GRANDFATHER OF ALL WING NUTS.

Kerry’s foreign policy is to operate only under U.N. auspices. The State Department can no longer keep ignoring the fact that many member nations of the U.N. are enemies of the United States and that the U.N. conceals the fact that these nations support or harbor terrorists. France and Germany joined the Arabs in repeatedly delaying U.N. resolutions against Iraq, giving the terrorists time to attack the U.S. on 9/11. This must not happen again.

This is one of those things that makes Lucom so much fun. It doesn't matter to him that John Kerry never said anything of the sort. What matters to him is that he assumes Kerry did.

The United States saved France twice from defeat in a war. Because the U.S. helped France when it so desperately needed help, France should be regarded as a “traitor” to the U.S. for not supporting the U.S. when it needed support. Americans should boycott French products.

Well, the gods seem to have imposed a French kissing ban upon me if that counts. As an interesting aside, David Brock has a fun update about Bill O'Reilly's Boycott of France. Turns out Bill's having a bit of trouble with the truth again.

The world must face the truth that since it was founded 58 years ago, the United Nations has failed to keep peace in the world. The Arab nations are vehemently anti-Semitic; the U.N. is also anti-Semitic but pretends it is not, and the world goes along with the pretense. Its resolutions benefit Palestine but not Israel. The U.N. should be terminated instead of wasting the billions of American dollars it spends.

That's what this boils down to. Let's "terminate" the UN.

And this leads Lucom to the "meat" of his story (most of which seems to come from stale NewsMax articles). Iraq wasn't dangerous because of WMDs. It was dangerous because of a couple of "terrorist training camps." Places like Salman Pak. And that's why the Bushman had to invade.

After 12 years, the U.S. could wait no longer to destroy the camps where terrorists were trained to kill Americans. The terrorist attacks of 9/11 occurred because these training camps had not been destroyed. Because the United Nations never tried to remove the camps, the U.N., not President Bush, is to blame for 9/11.


To protect you and thousands, if not millions, of Americans from being killed by future terrorist attacks, by terrorists trained in Iraq’s terrorist training camps, it was necessary for President Bush to attack Saddam Hussein to force him out of office and stop the training camps. Notice how the terrorist attacks on the U.S. stopped once Hussein was deposed.

Just for fun, why don't we look at Lucom's allegations in light of the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee's Assessment of Prewar Intelligence on Iraq. Several parts of the actual report have been blacked out and are represented below by [***]. If it makes it easier to read, simply replace each [***] with a Cheney-type expletive.

The CIA determined, "that at least one [***] defector[***], whose story appeared in Vanity Fair magazine, had embellished and exaggerated his access." Additionally, [***] other sources only repeated information provided by the [***] defector, and also lacked first-hand access to the information. Committee staff asked both CIA and DIA analysts whether any al-Qaida operatives or other sources have confirmed Salman Pak training allegations, and the unanimous response was that none have reported knowledge of any training. A DIA analyst told Committee staff, "The Iraqi National Congress (INC) has been pushing information for a long time about Salman Pak and training of al-Qa'ida."

Ah, yes. And we all know about the quality of intelligence provided to us by the INC [*cough* Chalabi *cough*].

But if Lucom doesn't want to trust the Senate report, even NewsMax itself conceded this back in June:

One unnamed U.S. official cited a CIA assessment first supplied to the White House in January 2003 in response to the reports, more than a year after two Iraqi defectors told the FBI that they trained radical Muslims at Salman Pak in hijacking techniques never used before the 9/11 attacks.

"The probability that the training provided at such centers, e.g. Salman Pak, was similar to that al Qaida could offer at its own camps in Afghanistan, combined with the sourcing difficulties, leads us to conclude that we need additional corroboration before we can validate that this low level basic terrorist training for al Qaida occurred in Iraq," the CIA concluded.

In light of all that, why don't we enjoy some of Lucom's inescapable logic:

These terrorist training camps were far more dangerous to you than were weapons of mass destruction. Why? Weapons of mass destruction by themselves are not dangerous; they cannot explode by themselves. Terrorists need to deliver and use them. The United States has a huge supply of weapons of mass destruction, but for 30 years – because the U.S. is not a terrorist nation – not one such weapon has been used.

That's almost as good as Lucom's assertion that if your parents had been gay, you'd never have been born.

President Bush's first and foremost duty is to protect you from being killed by terrorists. He is doing just this by fighting on Iraqi soil, where terrorists, not innocent Americans, were being killed. Bush could not wait for the terrorists to regroup and again attack America before taking protective action, which Kerry would not want him to do.

Wow. So much wrong in just one small paragraph.

Kerry would wait for the U.N. to act. If President Bush had waited and America was again attacked, he would have been impeached for not protecting you.

You should thank God that President Bush, not John Kerry, is our commander in chief.

I don't know about you, but I'm thanking God for giving us Lucom.


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