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Monday, July 05, 2004

Let's Deport All The America Haters!

There was a fascinating column over at World Net Daily this weekend called The Case For America Divorcing Its Haters. As you may already have gathered, it's about how people like Michael Moore and Jesse Jackson should be kicked out of America. Why? Because Bruce Walker says so. And he's a "patriot."

Why do men like Michael Moore live in America? Why, indeed, do so many people who profess hatred of America live in America?

First off, when has Michael Moore ever "professed hatred" of America? He is constantly on the record saying he loves America and that he wants to fight to make it better.

This is a very disturbing refrain that we now hear incessantly from the Right. If you question something America (or more specifically, George W. Bush) does, then you hate America.

Think about what that means for a minute: If you don't believe in stifling all dissent, then you're a traitor. If you think you have a right (let alone a duty) to question something you see as being harmful to our country, then you hate America.

Not only is that idea patently unpatriotic, but it's perfectly idiotic as well.

America and its liberty, which is the sole reason for its wealth and tolerance and compassion and safety, have been treated by the Left as another entitlement. They live in America; they enjoy the wheat, the oil, the cotton of the Heartland (aka "the colonies") and they constantly carp about how horrible it is here.

Then leave.

Wait a minute...So the Left isn't entitled to liberty? Who is, then? Just Bruce and his buddies? Just what kind of "liberty" is he advocating?

By what right do Leftists like Michael Moore, Ramsey Clark, Jesse Jackson, Barbara Streisand and Alec Baldwin live in America?

Unfortunately for you, Bruce, the same right you have. Don't you just HATE rights?

Leftists are to America what abusive wives, husbands and parents are to marriages: they are miserable, and they abuse those who live with them for all their miseries. They beat us. They insult us. They spew venom at us. They even help burglars, rapists and murderers who would try to break into our home and harm us.

Good to see Bruce is so intellectually consistent. And of course by intellectually consistent, I mean that he's a consistent moron.

Are these indigenous America-haters entitled to more protection than that? When the planet is filled with people who would risk their lives for the opportunity to live in America, what right do the Sean Penn and Noam Chomsky types have to gobble up the blessings of citizenship? Why cannot the rest of us insist that they leave?

Bruce gets to decide who hates America (based, evidently, on who disagrees with him). Then he gets to tell them they have to leave. Sounds like a great country!

When mafioso used the privilege of living in America to hurt America, then they were deported. Why not say the sayable and think the unthinkable: Leftists, by and large, are not Americans. They are freeloaders whose rights are protected by young men whose blood is shed in the cause of liberty.

There's the kicker. If you're a "Leftist," then you're not an American.

Let that sink in.

Bruce is telling us that this country only exists for people who agree with him. And then he has the nerve to call us un-American!

Why is it that the people who proclaim patriotism and love of our great nation the loudest are generally the least likely to uphold the ideals upon which it was founded?


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