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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

John Kerry Is Going To Hell...AGAIN!

Last week we learned why Joseph Farah thinks Johns Kerry and Edwards are going to hell. Well, this week it's a different Joseph but he's saying pretty much the same thing.

You see, the fine folks over at Bush Country - the ones who proudly brought us Tamara Wilhite - offer a fire-and-brimstone column by a guy named Joseph Grant Swank. What we can't gather from his name we can read in his bio - which tells us that Joseph was once the:

Winner of First Prize Writing Contest which yielded a three-week guided tour of the Middle East.

You'll certainly have no doubt why after reading his latest masterpiece. It's entitled Kerry's Rosary Carrying Has To Work Harder Than It Does.

Frankly, I have no idea what that means. Even after reading the article. Anyway, let's get to it, shall we? Take it away, Joe!

Rabbit’s feet don’t work with God. Nor lucky charms. Nor rosary beads that don’t match a consecrated heart.

Somehow I have a feeling Joe's going to tell us whose heart isn't consecrated.

God looks on the heart. He sees the factual intent — whether for good or evil. He is not fooled, in other words.

Therefore, when ABC News comes forth with US Senator John Kerry carrying a rosary, prayer book and medal of St. Christopher, so what? These are mere trappings spelling hypocrisy for Kerry.

Aha! I was right! Maybe I should be writing these things...

When Christ told His own to take up the cross daily in order to follow Him, He wasn’t talking about dangling carryons that trigger lucky hoops ahead. He was talking about a commitment to holiness that would war against all that’s worldly.

Dangling carryons? Lucky hoops? Sounds like somebody's been hitting the sacramental wine again...

But back to his "point"...I wonder why Wing Nuts never consider dedicating one's life to making enormous profits via giant corporate conglomerates (usually on the backs of extremely poor people in other countries) "worldly."

Christ also told His followers that by their fruits they would be known. In other words, though Christ did not give disciples the prerogative to consign souls to heaven or hell, He did give them the right to analyze another’s life for good or bad. Their "fruits" would reveal what kind of tree was growing — a beautiful tree or a weed infested with disease on its way to shrivel and die.

So Christ says Christians will be known by fruits like Joe? Is it any wonder that church attendance is declining?

It’s the same when John Kerry tells media that practicing homosexuality is not a sin. God states in His revealed Word that practicing homosexuality is an abomination. Therefore, Kerry, rosary in pocket and prayer book in hand, has nothing going for his soul’s safety but a first-class ticket to the pit.

Hey, Joe, I thought you just told us the Bible doesn't let us consign souls to hell. Oh, well...Better do it anyway just in case!

If there’s anything truth-filled that’s coming out of this presidential campaign it’s the unabashed farce known as US Senator John F. Kerry. Day upon day, week upon week, month upon month, that fellow is given the divine chance to repent of his spiritual waywardness in order to return to the sincere Christian lifestyle.

Uh...Kerry's truth-filled? Doesn't seem to do much for your argument, man.

Though warned by his own clergy and churchly parishioners, he persists in discounting all biblical counsel for his own political opportunism. In that he, along with his spiritually rebellious wife, consign their souls to disobedience against the Eternal Judge.

I'm guessing Joe isn't a lot of fun at parties.

Rosary beads, prayer books and religious medals count for absolutely zero unless they are supported by Christian discipleship in keeping with the expectations set forth in the New Testament. John Kerry lacks on all points.

As opposed to princes of Christ-like living like Tom DeLay, Karl Rove, and the Bushman.

If you are a sincere believer reading this, add to your prayer list these two names: John F. Kerry and Teresa Heinz Kerry. That is the duty of every earnest Christian — to pray for the enemies of the cross of Christ.

A sincere believer in what? Idiocy? Lunacy?

There is a chance that their free wills will turn toward the Lord God, repent of their sins, and confess openly to the world their wrongs. Then must follow the life of a contrite follower of the Lord Jesus.

But not really a very good chance, evidently, so Joe will probably just keep saying they're headed for hell instead.


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