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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Voxic Shock Syndrome

We are now entering Day 2 of the Vox Challenge. So far he shows no signs of releasing his white-knuckled grip on his flaming sword.

Of course he hasn't yet responded to many of his challengers. Challenges like this one from Bartholomew and this one from Discordia. And then there's also this comment posted on Vox's blog by Chris Vosburg that awaits judgment:

The implication is clear: to defend woomen's suffrage is to defend these things, ergo, these things could not exist but for women's suffrage.

To be honest, Vox, I think it falls to you to support your claim that these things are the result of women's suffrage.

Start with divorce. Well?

And so the clock ticks. Will our brave challengers be able to wrest the flaming sword from Vox's clutches by convincing him that he's wrong about women's suffrage? Will all of these challenges drive Vox to grow hair on the sides of his head?

Tune in next time for these and other exciting revelations here on Voxic Shock Syndrome.


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