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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Vox Day Gets It Right On The Important Stuff

Lest you think we're only about mockery here at the Dark Window, we point you to a very insightful blog entry by Vox Day written in response to an e-mail from us. While Vox may be wrong about unimportant things like politics, economics, and religion, he demonstrates an excellent grasp of what truly matters in life:

Euro 2004 Football!

As for Les Bleus, I'm a little conflicted. I can't hate the team that supplied Henry, Viera, Wiltord and Pires to my Gunners, but I really can't cheer for them either.

Conversely, I feel exactly the same way about Arsenal. I can't ever really root against the team that draws so liberally from France. I guess that makes us inverse relationships. I'm shaving the hair on the top of my head (but leaving the sides) as we speak.

Space Bunny and I watched the game and were very disappointed for the Lions. She's a big England fan and felt especially bad for David Beckham.

This is where we part company. I didn't feel at all bad for Beckham.

I was worried about that free kick, Zidane is still, as he once said, "at the pinnacle of his art". And why is England STILL not practicing penalties - I take better penalties than that. I was surprised how flat the Blues were otherwise, though. I'm not impressed by Trezeguet, as he doesn't make enough runs to keep teams from keeping two and three defenders on Henry. It didn't hurt England that Sol Campbell and Ashley Cole know Henry better than anyone, of course.

Proving once again that there are things in this world that are capable of bringing us all together. Well, when they don't have us looting, rioting, and hitting each other with chairs...

And at the risk of alienating my English readers..."Allez Les Bleus!"


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