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Monday, June 07, 2004

Take The Vox Challenge

Well, our friend Vox Day apparently enjoyed the Dark Window's reference to his take on women's suffrage enough to present this response over at his own blog.

In addition to that, Vox sent me an e-mail offering to post an argument chez lui from any upset reader here explaining just how, exactly, women's suffrage could possibly have been a positive thing for our nation. If you'd like to submit something to him, you can do it here. My assumption is that Vox or his readers will then decide if the argument is a good one.

If you're able to convince Vox and friends that they're wrong, you win Vox's fiery sword (pictured with him below). If not, you lose the right to vote for the next year. (And, well, if you're a woman, you shouldn't even be doing that anyway...)

Okay, so I just made those prizes up. But they sound pretty fair to me.

Update: In addition to Bartholomew's fascinating piece about Vox that was mentioned here yesterday, I direct you to S.Z.'s surprising new revelations as well.


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