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Friday, June 18, 2004

SEX, CBN Style!

It's time to take a walk through Pat Robertson's Christian Broadcasting Network website and play Find The Repression! It's an easy game to play. Simply find the references to repressed sexuality being expressed in CBN headlines.

Here are some of their current stories:

Single, Saved...And Not Having Sex

Okay, that one's kind of obvious.

The Fountain of Youth: In a Pill?

Sounds like somebody's been watching Bob Dole again...

The Re-Measure of a Man's Success

See previous headline.

They Called him Prophet, But he was a Pimp

Ralph Reed?

They Called Her 'Sugar'

Oh, yeah...Condi!

'I Do'...And You Die!

Does Pat have Syphilis?

Okay, so now you all know the rules. Please play responsibly.

And as I was analyzing the CBN unit for headlines, I also found this tantalizing article:

Exposing Faith Through The XXX Church

'Oh, boy!' I thought. 'I'd love to attend a triple-X church and see Faith exposed!'

Unfortunately, the article is actually about a website that promotes the complete rejection of pornography. There's even a photo of one of the website founders wearing a t-shirt that reads "Jesus is watching."

That's just wrong on so many different levels.

The truly alarming part of the website, though, is a puppet named Pete. I'm just going to let you watch Pete for yourselves. I don't think I could ever do him justice.

Feel free to take your own trip over to CBN to look for fun symptoms of raw, throbbing sexuality just about to burst through the placid (I said placid!) surface.

And make sure you tune in next time for another exciting episode of Find The Repression!


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