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Thursday, June 17, 2004

Rush Limbaugh Helps Us All Breathe A Little Easier Tonight

Rush wowed us all with his scientific knowledge today during his latest Enviro Wacko Update. Evidently, Rush read a story about the alarming rise of global desertification and this made him unhappy. Fortunately, he had some great advice.

Why don't we just go over there, hire some lawn control outfits here in America and build some sprinkler systems in these places?

Is it too much of a stretch to draw a correlation between people who listen to Rush and people who want to pull their kids from public schools?

"Rush, are you denying whether it's happening?" I don't know whether it's happening or not but I'm waiting for the next shoe to fall. The next shoe to fall is, "WE are causing it in the United States of America."

In other words, trivial little things like knowing the facts of the matter aren't going to stop a big strong hero like Rush from telling us what we should think about it.

This little leak here: (sniveling liberal voice:) "These peoples are going to invade the green lands of the world." Of course that's supposed to wake us up and get us going into gear because we don't want any more immigrants from anywhere, especially from dustbowls. Didn't we have our own Dustbowl in the 30s in this country? We did, didn't we? And it didn't exist anymore, does it? and what did we do? Did we cloud seed? No. In fact, we created the elements -- they say -- that are causing global warming. Got rid of the Dustbowl. The desertification of Kansas or wherever the hell it was.

Why this man isn't teaching graduate-level atmospheric physics, I'll never know.

So how about a solution, Rush? What should we do about this alarming report? Should we learn the facts? Should we consider the future?


The wackos have not gone away, they are not going to be away, and they are going to keep ringing the crisis klaxons at every opportunity, folks, and it's best just to react the way you normally would when you hear something like this and just laugh on your ass off at it.


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