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Friday, June 25, 2004

A Revelatory Experience Not To Be Missed!

When Sultan Seb No, my dastardly nemesis, phoned last week and demanded access to my prized Wing Nut photo collection, I could hear a note of frantic alarm in his voice.

"Seb...are you okay?" I asked, pretending to be concerned.

"No, Pete, I think I may have destroyed a marriage."

"What?! Yours?"

"Don't worry. Pat and I are fine. But it's because we're fine that, well..."

"I don't understand what you're saying, Seb. Have you been taking E and blogging again?"

"Pete, listen to me. Mrs. No is...well...I don't know exactly how to say this but...she's not actually a she...and..."

And I'd better just direct you to his latest flash animation masterpiece so you can understand what he was talking about.

Make sure you keep watching to the last wonderful frame. Trust me. You'll be happy you did!


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