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Saturday, June 19, 2004

Peggy Noonan's Stained Soul

Wing Nut Catfight!

Jack Wheeler's not at all happy with what Peggy wrote in a recent Wall Street Journal column. So Jack smacks her down and reasserts that he alone is the rightful owner of Reagan's memory. Here are a couple of highlights:

For all her self-promotion, the facts are that she never wrote many major presidential speeches and had quite limited access to the president. The Reagan speechwriters were the ultimate Reaganauts in the White House, and Peggy was an outsider. The saga of how the speechwriters got around senior Administration officials to get speeches President Reagan wanted to give in his hands is one of untold heroism.

I can't wait to purchase my Ultimate Reaganaut action figures!

Here's the question she needs to ask herself: Do you think that President Reagan would think more or less of you for writing what you did, Peggy? You know the answer. He would be ashamed of you. The knowledge of that shame will stain your soul, Peggy. You owe your fellow speechwriters the deepest of apologies - just as you owe an apology to the memory of Ronald Reagan.



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