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Monday, June 07, 2004

NewsMax Shows Us the Real Meaning of Reagan's Death

Well, the boys over at NewsMax weren't happy enough with the outpouring of sympathy and praise for former President Reagan and his family so they decided to try to use his death (and a couple of NewsMax lies) to smear another former President in a lovely article entitled Carter Mum on Reagan's Death.

Still bitter that Ronald Reagan ended his political career in 1980, ex-President Jimmy Carter told reporters on Sunday that he would make no formal comment on Reagan's death.

Now that's interesting because the Associated Press said: "Former President Jimmy Carter said Sunday he joins the rest of the nation in mourning the loss of former President Ronald Reagan, the man who defeated him in the 1980 presidential election."

Doesn't really sound like a bitter man withholding kind words to another in death, does it? It also doesn't sound like Carter was particularly "mum". But let's allow NewsMax to continue:

But at the Plains, Ga., Sunday school class he still teaches, the 39th president was a little more expansive, acknowledging that it was "a sad day for our country."

"I probably know as well as anybody what a formidable communicator and campaigner that President Reagan was," he told his class, in quotes picked up by the Associated Press. "It was because of him that I was retired from my last job."

NewsMax implies that that is the only thing Carter had to say about Reagan's death. The implication is, of course, crystal clear. Carter's an angry jerk who's so self-consumed that he won't even offer condolences at a time like this and only grudgingly acknowledges that Reagan's death wasn't a happy occasion.

But NewsMax isn't done. For their final smear, they point out that even the ultra-liberal Walter Mondale showed more class than Carter (and for Wing Nuts, that's a supreme insult).

Walter Mondale, who lost 49 states to Reagan in 1984, was far more gracious.

"It was a fairly nice campaign," the ex-Carter VP recalled to reporters in Minneapolis. "[Reagan] was not mean. It was not a personal, harsh campaign. Although we were political adversaries, I always liked the guy."

That's the fucking end of their article. That's it.

If you're one of the millions of Americans who gets their news from "America's News Page" you'd come away thinking that Carter was a pretty dastardly guy.

Now in spite of my love of the NewsMax shopping mall, I have to point out that this is one of the lowest things they've ever printed (and that's saying something). In fact, their lies are so blatant that one only needs to visit Matt Drudge to find how low this is. Because even Drudge has a headline that reads "Carter expresses grief..."

And if one bothers to click on that article Drudge links to, it is immediately revealed that Carter also said:

"It was a very sobering day for the country to lose a former president," Carter said. "I want to express my admiration for him and his wife and associate myself with the grief that America feels."

And there's more:

"We go through ups and downs," he said. "I was distressed when we lost (to Reagan). But I think it's important to ask, 'What am I in the eyes of Jesus Christ?'"

What else can I even say?

Update: NewsMax has now changed the title of their article to read "Carter Brief on Reagan's Death" and added several more quotes from the former President (as well as removing the Walter Mondale bit). Their new title still implies a smear but the text itself no longer backs that up. Does this mean that Carl Limbacher reads the Dark Window?


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