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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

My Latest Lame-Ass Excuse For A Blog Entry

Okay...So it's late and I'm really tired and I have to get up for work soon and with all due respect to Ian Curtis, I now realize why none of the 24 hour party people ever ran their own blogs. So I'm going to take the easy way out tonight and leave you with a couple of bonus Christian t-shirt designs. Tonight's logos come from a company called Fear God.

Fear God takes a slightly different approach than the other t-shirt companies we've examined in that they advocate t-shirts without any scriptural references.

The idea behind Shirt Evangelism is simple: get the lost to start the conversation! Imagine how much easier it is to share the Gospel when someone asks you! What were once uncomfortable situations, now become normal conversations. People are more willing to listen when they are not threatened.

So we're supposed to trick them, right? Anyway, it may just be the last couple of poorly-planned drinks but most of the t-shirts at Fear God actually seem to me to contain some kind of scriptural reference.

The only thing you need to get started with Shirt Evangelism is the desire to share the Gospel and a Christian shirt without scriptures on it.

Right. Sounds like a plan.

Yeah, that one's not threatening at all. Good plan, guys!

That first grave seems slightly strange to me. It appears to say "mortal flan." The creative folks at Fear God obviously don't go to the same taquerias I do because at Cactus, one never expects the flan to stay down.

Maybe he's coming back for a haircut? Or to break into modeling as a poor man's Fabio? Kind of hard to tell.

Sirens sound. Doctors shout. Tying of a sleeve. Yup, you're next. 5...4...3...2...1...

And speaking of...Don't forget to join us later (when you read this I guess it will be "tonight" - June 30th) at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco for a night of Dark Window fun.

Turn it on.


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