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Friday, June 25, 2004

Joseph Farah Defends True Christianity From An Apostate

Joseph Farah has a new column today and boy, is he mad!

Turns out Tony Campolo, some guy who tells people he's a "Christian," has been saying nice things about the Palestinians. And evidently feeling the need to blaspheme God even further, Tony also had the nerve to say, "Some evangelicals have gotten caught up in the theology that before Christ can return, the Holy Land must belong to the Jews. They're really advocating ethnic cleansing. There's no justification for that in Scripture."

Fortunately, Farah puts him in his place.

This charge of Israeli ethnic cleansing is the 21st century version of the blood libel. Worse, perhaps. In effect, the Jews are being charged with the crime perpetrated against them.

Worse yet, Campolo hurls these misinformed accusations in the name of the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.

No irony there.

Farah then goes on to point out that there's never been any such thing as Palestine in the first place and that any problems that have happened in the region have been entirely the Arabs' fault. He then adds this exclamation mark:

The only people getting thrown out of their homes in the Middle East today are Jews – Jews who happen to have made the mistake of living in traditionally Jewish lands now claimed by the genocidal maniacs who control the Palestinian Authority and who say no Jews can live in their lands.

Oh, those poor settlers!

But here's the entire point of Farah's column.

Hurling false accusations against the persecuted is not the Gospel of Jesus. Bearing false witness against Christians who seek to aid their Jewish brothers and sisters in Israel is not the Gospel of Jesus. Confusing misinformed political analysis with Scripture is not the Gospel of Jesus.

That's quite an admission, Joe!


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