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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

John Kerry and the "32 Times" of Doom

Today is one of my favorite times of the month: the day the new Wilson C. Lucom column comes out over at NewsMax! If you've never read Lucom before, you're missing out. Bizarre even by NewsMax standards, you'll generally find him complaining that President Bush isn't giving him proper credit for using Lucom ideas. Today he has an excellent piece entitled Why the Working Class Should Not Vote for the Democratic Party.

The Democratic Party knowingly and disloyally contains a far-left wing that helps the cause of communism-socialism, not democracy. As long as the Democratic Party contains any communist-helping left-wing members, it is the party of treason.

It's not easy to make Carl Limbacher look fair and balanced. Yet somehow Lucom manages to do just that.

After discussing treasonous Democrats through history, Lucom starts comparing the modern Democratic Party to Chinese Communists. He draws no direct connection or link (hell, he doesn't even say why he's comparing the two) but within a couple of short paragraphs, the two groups have become synonymous.

The Chinese Communist Party pays its workers from 23 to 32 times less in wages than the American worker receives, and China does not allow its workers to strike, so workers have to accept these very low wages or else go to jail.

This huge failure of communism is never talked about by the major media in the U.S. The major media should constantly mention this vast difference until the Communist Chinese worker wage approaches the American minimum wage. By not mentioning China's miserable wages, the major media, by omission, are helping communism.

I'm guessing Tom Stoppard would be proud to have written those words. Not even Rush Limbaugh "constantly mentions" Lucom's "23 to 32 times" bit. I guess that means even Rush is helping the godless Chi-Coms!

If the left wing of the Democratic Party gains control through the election of a communist-aiding president and brings communism to the United States, all you Democratic and U.S. workers could have your salaries reduced by 23 to 32 times. If this happened, Communist China would control you, not John Kerry or any other Democratic president.

I like how he draws a distinction between "Democratic" and "U.S." workers. But why would Communist China control me if my salary were "reduced by 23 to 32 times"? It's not like their salaries would be any higher. And what does it say about Lucom's view of "democracy" that he thinks we are "controlled" by our President? I don't know about you but I'm picturing a robot Bushman stomping around with outstretched arms and laser beams shooting from his eyes.

The Democratic left wing says it is patriotic and for America, but it then shows it is not for America by its actions of demonstrating against America winning a war, causing America to lose the war, or supporting the victory of a communist or anti-American country.

That's right. The only way you're truly "for America" is if you support invading a sovereign country under false pretenses, want to torture its citizens, and carefully avoid any dissent. If you think America has anything to do with decency, freedom, human rights, and intellectual honesty, then you are most assuredly not patriotic and not for America. Not to Lucom anyway.

John Kerry, because of helping communism in the past (Communist North Vietnam and Communist Ortega in Nicaragua), belongs in the left wing of the Democratic Party, so do not vote for him. You need to have your minimum wage reduced by up to 32 times the way you need a hole in your head.

Kinda makes a catchy slogan, doesn't it? "Don't vote for John Kerry or your salary will be reduced by up to 32 times."

Ahhhhh, Lucom. Gotta love him!

Wilson C. Lucom


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