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Monday, June 28, 2004

Even More Fun With Christian T-shirts

It's Monday and that can only mean one thing...It's time for another look at Christian T-shirts and their role in End Times witnessing. Today's shirts are made by a company called Christianshirts.net. On their site they have a list of core beliefs, including this one:

We believe in the inerrancy (historical and otherwise) of the sixty-six divinely inspired books of the Bible (when properly understood).

I like that last part. Kind of puts everything into perspective. I would have added one more statement, though. "We believe in making a profit off of our faith. Want to save a soul from hell? Good, because we want to make a buck."

There's also a section on the site for testimonials about the shirts. Here's my personal favorite:

"The t-shirts are holding up well. I wore the excommunicate John Kerry t-shirt to a canon law conference recently. It drew several comments -- including one from a fellow canon lawyer who has worked tirelessly to see pro-abort Catholic politicians denied Holy Communion. The t-shirt led to a wonderful conversation over dinner as we discussed various possibilities for turning up the heat on those Catholic politicians who, contrary to the teachings of Christ and the Catholic Church, embrace the death of over a million children in the womb each year."

Pete Vere
Canon Lawyer and Catholic Author

So anyway, let's see how Christianshirts.net properly understands the inspired books of the Bible.

This one's probably a big hit in Iraq. The bayonet's an especially nice touch. Take that, you stupid liberals!

We serve a risen gangster.

But things sure suck those times when he's death.

Thanks to reader Bellatrys for drawing our attention to this one:

I still can't tell if it's saying Jesus saves the USA or vice versa. Or maybe it's saying that both Jesus and the USA save. In any case...USA!...USA!...USA! Up yours, Luxembourg!

Because I'm pretty sure he drives an SUV and likes to cut people off.

It's too bad Jesus keeps becoming obsolete. I really hate having to buy a new savior every couple of years!

Don't forget to tune in next time for another exciting installment of Trends in End Times Witnessing! And next week we're going to take a look at non-t-shirt related witnessing tools.


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